'Swag Se Swagat' is basically a mashup of every Salman Khan song ever

While bhai fans can't wait for Tiger Zinda Hai to release, YRF recently dropped the Swag Se Swagat song and we couldn't have been more underwhelmed.

How to dance like Salman Khan- A step by step guide:

Stand there.

Uhh..keep standing there for a while.

Kick the air a few times to look alive.

Play with some element of your outfit (pockets, sunglasses, your damn towel- but make sure you look cool, okay?).

Pan the camera towards the actress.

While bhai fans can’t wait for Tiger Zinda Hai to release, YRF recently dropped the Swag Se Swagat song and we couldn’t have been more underwhelmed. Shot in the picturesque Greece, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif keep dishing out their signature step like all other ‘Bhai-songs’. What is this step, you ask? Twirling their waist around and throwing the peace sign on your face. Twitter seems to be underwhelmed too:

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Fun bhai hack: If you mute the video, you won’t be able to tell what song you’re watching. You can literally replace the visuals with any Salman-Katrina music video and nobody would be able to tell the difference. Don’t believe us? Check out these instances:

The pocket thingy

Katrina’s got the (same) moves

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On the flipside, there are some nice things about the song too — the gorgeous location, Katrina’s stunning looks, and the overly enthusiastic background dancers. No seriously, the background dancers are the only saving grace in this video.

Watch the song here and tell us what you think:

Swag-at nahi karoge bhai ka? Get it? Get it? No? Okay.

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