Sunny Leone's take on motherhood and why she chose adoption will make you respect her more

Sunny Leone and husband Daniel Weber adopted a girl from Latur, Maharashtra. Sunny spoke about her motherhood and it will impress you

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber surprised everyone with the announcement that they are now parents. The star couple adopted a 21-month-old girl from Latur, Maharashtra and are obviously elated about it. Their baby is called Nisha Kaur Weber and they could not stop gushing over this member in their family, in a recent interview. Sunny adopting a girl is definitely a great news and this decision will make you her fan, if you weren’t already.

After adopting Nisha, Sunny Leone got candid about motherhood and the thought behind this decision. Sunny, who did not get nine months to prepare for her baby, said on seeing the child’s picture for the first time she had mixed emotions. She said, “I was so excited, happy, emotional and [experienced] so many different feelings. We literally had three weeks to finalize everything.”

An elated Sunny said it was Nisha who chose her and husband, and not the other way round. For long now, there have been reports about Sunny Leone’s pregnancy, a rumor she vehemently denied on many occasions. Now with the arrival of Nisha, these rumors can finally be put to rest. Talking about the decision to adopt a baby, Sunny said, “I don’t know about everybody else, but for us, it didn’t matter even for a second whether it was our child or she not being our biological child. For us, it was about starting a family and I might not [have a biological child] because of our schedules and so many other things but we both thought, ‘why don’t we just adopt’?”

Sunny understands that it might be difficult for Nisha to get used to an unknown environment in the initial days. But the new mother is prepared for all it seems. She said when Nisha came home, the little one somehow understood this was her new place. “We have read up and consulted our friends about how to cope with her at this stage, and we have accepted that it’s going to take her some time to adjust in this new environment,” Sunny was quoted by the daily.

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Talking about her decision, Sunny said, “While going to the airport, you cross this overpass and see little kids with no clothes, no shoes or no food, and it’s heart-breaking. Maybe, we can’t save every child but can do it for one little girl. They (the ashram) gave her everything that they could but she is still underweight, and still needs a lot of care.”

New mommy Sunny has great plans for her child as well. Sunny said she is a fan of Nisha’s smile and just can’t wait to see her grow to become an independent woman.

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We wish Sunny Leone all the best for this new journey. By not taking up the cliched path and adopting a child, Sunny has won our respect all over again. You are amazing, Sunny!