Sunil Shetty's father Veerapa Shetty passes away at the age of 93

Actor Sunil Shetty's father Verappa Shetty passed away at 1:30 am this morning. He breathed his last at Mumbai's Breach Candy hospital

Actor Sunil Shetty’s father Verappa Shetty passed away at 1:30 am in morning. He breathed his last at Mumbai’s Breach Candy hospital and the cremation will be held today. Veerapa was 93. He was not well from for quite some time and was rushed to the hospital when his condition deteriorated.

Veerapa suffered a massive paralytic stroke in 2013 and Sunil set up an entire ICU at his residence for his fast recovery. It was also the same time when Sunil’s daughter was gearing up for her big Bollywood debut, but the actor gave more importance to his father.

Sunil Shetty was very much attached to his father, the actor put his career on hold and did not sign any films for a long time, just to be with his father and to take care of him. In one of his interviews, he also said that his father is his real hero and nothing is more important to him than his father.

Veerapa Shetty was a self-made man, who started working at the age of nine and became one of the top hoteliers in the country. And taking his father’s business forward Sunil Shetty also runs a chain of hotels and is a successful businessman like his father.

Not many of are aware that but Sunil Shetty took acting has a hobby, little did he knew that he would become one of the top actors in the industry. So, basically, he not only a good actor but a businessman as well.

RIP Veerapa Shetty.