This cryptic Twitter chat between SRK- Uday Chopra is basically a promotion of Thesaurus

Twitter is a nice place to be if you are a sucker for celebrity conversations. Quite often we come across chats between celebrities that gives us an insight into their lives. But there is one conversation that recently happened which fails to give any such sneak peek. Instead, it is will force you to take out your dictionaries.

The conversation in mention is between actors Shah Rukh Khan and Uday Chopra. The ‘Mohabbatein‘ actors indulged in a dialogue on the micro-blogging website and flaunted their vocabularies.

It all started when Uday tweeted a thought about having weltschmerz. SRK was prompt enough to tell Uday this isn’t the case, it is just something to do with the year ending. A doubtful Uday asked if it is an end of year ennui to which King Khan used words like Anhedonia to explain his point.

Here is the Twitter conversation between them:

Mind-blown, right? We mean who uses these words in a chat that is about feeling low?

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If you too are suffering from the fear of these words, we’ve got you covered.

Here are what the words used by SRK and Uday mean:

Weltschmerz: A feeling of melancholy and world-weariness
Anhedonia: Inability to feel pleasure
Ennui: Feeling of dissatisfaction arising from lack of excitement
Pedagoguery: A teacher

So basically, Uday Chopra was feeling low and SRK explained to him it was just because the year was ending.

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Celebrities and their choice of words, we tell you!

Maybe next time SRK could turn pedagoguery for all of us, just like he did for Uday. Only this time to teach us such words.