Sonu Nigam azaan row: Actress living close to his house claims loudspeakers hardly audible

Shraddha Das, who lives close to Sonu Nigam's house has a different story to tell in the entire azaan controversy

Days after singer Sonu Nigam stirred a controversy when he stated his sleep was hampered by the voice of azaan, a new piece of information has surfaced. Actress Shraddha Das took to Facebook to write that she resided in the same neighbourhood as the singer but never heard any voice. She, however, later deleted the post in what seems like a bid to avoid controversy.

The Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji actress wrote, “I live right next to him, but strangely I have never heard the azaan in the morning at my place. It is hardly audible. I hear he just shaved his head and for the first time there is so much traffic outside our homes.”

Sonu Nigam, came at the centre of a controversy when he tweeted that the loudspeaker disturbed his sleep. After this, a Muslim cleric issued a fatwa against him and said he would reward anyone with Rs 10 lakhs who shaves the singer’s head. Taking the statement head on, Sonu called a press conference and shaved his head.

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When asked about the entire controversy, Sonu said, “The aim was not to hurt anyone. It was meant to be taken positively, but people misunderstood me. To be precise, Mr. Ahmed Patel said what I wanted to say in a better way. He said: Azaan is important not the loudspeaker.”

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Barely an hour after singer Sonu Nigam shaved off his hair and demanded Rs 10 lakh in reaction to a Fatwa against him, the cleric who made the announcement said that the singer has only partially fulfilled the conditions for reward.

Speaking with ANI, Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi said that Sonu only did the task of shaving his head, which is only one condition made by him out of three.

Now that actress Shraddha Das has said that there is no loud noise of azaan, we wonder what Sonu has to say on this.

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