Sonam Kapoor Tried To 'Explain' Nepotism (Again!) & Missed The Point By A Country Mile

Appearing on actor Salman Khan's brother's chat show (Arbaaz Khan), Sonam Kapoor, Anil Kapoor's daughter, tried to 'explain' nepotism... again

Appearing on actor Salman Khan’s brother’s chat show (Arbaaz Khan, in case you were wondering), Sonam Kapoor, Anil Kapoor’s daughter, tried to ‘explain’ nepotism… again. And she completely missed the point of the debate. Again. Replying to a Twitter troll, who accused Kapoor of not learning to act in spite of being a working actor for more than a decade, she said: “Everybody really think that it is a relative of a person, but it actually means to get a job through any connection. I think people have misunderstood it or people don’t understand it or use the word for their benefit to put other people down.” This is the sensible part, because after this Kapoor kinda’ begins to drift away from the point, like Sandra Bullock in Gravity.

“I would like to say that my father did not come from an illustrious family. He’s been in this industry for 40 years and he has worked hard only for his children. If I don’t take advantage of his hard work, which he has done for us, I think I’d be a little disrespectful to his work and to what he is trying to do for us. Because every man or woman, a mother or a father works for their children,” she added.

Wait. Why would a father feel ‘disrespected’ if one doesn’t take advantage of his hard work? If you’d said your father wants you to make the most of his privilege because he loves you, Sonam Kapoor, that would have made more sense. Because THAT is a perfectly normal parent (Indian or not) trait.

The debate around nepotism isn’t to determine how unfair/immoral it is, it exists and nobody can deny it. The debate centres around why star kids like you won’t acknowledge the ‘privilege’. It’s not that hard, and it’s definitely not a bad thing. You have different challenges compared to an ‘outsider’… sure. No one’s denying that. But it is only a fraction of what someone from the outside goes through. Thoda introspect?