Sonakshi 'Noor' Sinha gets into character, interviews Barkha Dutt and asks about Arnab Goswami

Sonakshi Sinha promotes her movie in the most unique style, interviews journalist Barkha Dutt.

In what can be called as the most unique idea of movie promotion, Sonakshi Sinha, who plays the role of a journalist, interviewed Barkha Dutt and the outcome is a blockbuster. Because people would just love to see Barkha Dutt in the hot seat. How will the movie turn out to be is still to be seen though. Sonakshi ‘Noor’ Sinha was in her avatar and asked Barkha questions about Arnab Goswami. Oops! But after all, that was the USP of the entire interview.

If you are thinking that was about it, Sonakshi, actually, killed it. Starting from basic questions like how and when did Barkha decided to be a journalist to questions like if there were any stories she regrets doing, Sonakshi was in her form . She did not just ask safe questions and the build up is, in fact, interesting  and there were some revelations too, when Barkha Dutt shared anecdotes and stories. And Barkha Dutt answers all the questions quite unabashedly, especially, when she is asked about Arnab Goswami. Although, their ‘love’ for each other is not unknown, but it is always fun to listen to this stuff because there is always something new. Do not miss the interview and see what all Barkha Dutt had to say about Arnab and also, the challenges she and generally other women, at large face in this field.
Watch the intervew here: