Shah Rukh Khan's Meer Foundation Works For The Rehabilitation Of Acid-Attack Survivors

With its website, Meer foundation, now has a platform to share daily insight about rehabilitation work and educating the public about acid attacks.

Shah Rukh Khan chose the occasion of Father’s Day to launch the website of Meer Foundation. Named after his late father, it helps with the rehabilitation of acid-attack survivors. Launched about a year ago, Khan’s foundation has been working towards the ‘aim to create a network of support for women’, Khan wrote in a tweet.

In a statement shared on the newly-founded website for the foundation, Khan wrote – “Through Meer, I believe that we can help women who have been treated unfairly by creating a network of support. In the past year alone, I have seen the Foundation’s immense potential to better lives and change the future. We have only just begun, and we plan to grow even stronger, ultimately helping the dream become a reality.”

Still relatively new in its initiative, Meer Foundation has been working with survivors for some time now. For this, Khan was honoured with a Crystal Award at the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos. He won this award alongside Hollywood great Cate Blanchett and music legend, Elton John.

With a fully functional website now, the foundation now has a platform to share daily insight about what goes into rehabilitation work and educate the public about the epidemic of acid attacks and where it stems from. Sharing statistics about the root cause of the social evil, the website even breaks down its approach of aiding a survivor through legal services, medical aid or counselling services.

Khan further said in the statement on the website – “In my life, I have been given several opportunities to flourish by the people around me. And this is exactly what I want to do for others – especially women. My dream is to create an ecosystem that allows women, regardless of their history, to redefine, redo, or rework their lives the way they choose, the way they see fit. This might seem idealistic, but I truly believe that we can empower women to dream, grow, and live life without worry.”

You can visit the website at the following URL: