Shah Rukh Khan's heartwarming video for Cancer patient Aruna aunty is what humility looks like at its best

He is King Khan for a reason and that reason is THIS

Real life or reel life, Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most humble, witty and inspirational gentlemen Bollywood has seen. The kind of love and respect fans have for King Khan is both surreal and heart-warming. He is one of those few stars who loves his fans as much as the fans love him.

Shah Rukh Khan house

Shah Rukh Khan at Mannat

Recently, the king of sass and romance just proved this once again. A terminally ill cancer patient named Aruna PK wanted to meet SRK. This was her last wish and so Twitter wasted no time to make this happen. Tweeps began the hashtag SRKMeetsAruna.

Aruna PK Aunty, Twitter, Shah Rukh Khan fan

Aruna PK

Aruna who happens to be one of the biggest SRK fans tweeted this sometime back.

And this is how Twitterattis started the hashtag to fulfill Aruna’s wish.

In fact, aunty’s family also contributed:

And then, because we know how much SRK cares for his well-wishers, he responded. No, it wasn’t like a normal tweet (he could have just done that too), but, a nice heartwarming video post. This:

Isn’t SRK just the best? He also made a phone call to her as revealed by aunty’s daughter in another tweet:

After SRK’s love filled post, people on Twitter just could not help praising him for the wonderful human being he is. Look at these tweets:

SRK, how adorable can you be! Aruna aunty, we hope you get well soon!