Shah Rukh Khan, Alia's Dear Zindagi is about 'Kursi ka chakkar'. And it is not limited to politics

Post the release of Dear Zindagi, Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt are back with the take 5 of the film titled 'Find Your Chair'

Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt’s Dear Zindagi released to a thunderous response last week and interestingly, post the release of the film, the makers have released Dear Zindagi Take 5 to give a message to all the people out there. Now this is quite unique because the movie has already hit the right chord with the audience so why release one more teaser?

Or is it to realise us that there is more to the film than just SRK-Alia’s charming chemistry? And the teaser hits you bang on with that one hard-hitting point that actually will make you ponder about your life for the next few hours!

A still from Dear Zindagi Twitter photo for

SRK-Alia in a still from Dear Zindagi (Courtesy: Twitter/ redchilliesent)

For starters, the moment you start watching the teaser, you get to see Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan’s chit chat session. It’s like Koffee with SRK!

Dear Zindagi Take 5

Shah Rukh Khan
(Courtesy: YouTube| Red Chillies)

Seconds into the teaser and we hear Alia aka Kiara say, “Raghuvendra aka Kunal Kapoor is tall and handsome.” to which SRK pose an obvious question to Alia. He asks whether she likes tall guys only? This is where the teaser starts getting interesting as Alia ignores Shah Rukh’s question and replies how her ex, Sid aka Angad Bedi is also tall.

Soon, SRK bounces back with a statement, “Oh! Toh ek Sid bhi hai!” and before he could say more Alia vents out her frustration on SRK.

Dear Zindagi Take 5

Alia Bhatt
(Courtesy: YouTube | Red Chillies)

The interesting part is that out of all the examples Shah Rukh Khan could have come up with, he explains an interesting aspect of life to Alia by giving an example of a chair!

Dear Zindagi Take 5

Dear Zindagi Take 5 (Courtesy: YouTube | Red Chillies)

SRK goes on to explain in the rest of the teaser that how a person tries a lot many chairs before selecting that specific chair that suits our criterions. He gives us a sublime message that it is okay to experiment!

(Courtesy: Giphy)

Let us all be honest that we never  put a chair in such philosophical use. We only thought that it was always Kissa kursi ka in politics where leaders run behind that one particular chair to gain power and supremacy but what about your own life? It’s time you start thinking!

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The movie has already raked in a tremendous response from the fans and critics alike. The songs of the films are still ruling the chartbusters.

(Courtesy: YouTube| Red Chillies)