Shaan was told that he's 'jealous of Sonu Nigam'. What he did then is your guide to deal with a bakwaas troller

Shaan posted a tweet, got a snarky reply mentioning Sonu Nigam. Shaan then, gave it back to the troller and you have to read what he said

Sonu Nigam’s Azaan tweet controversy raised many eyebrows. Apart from helping people form opinions, it also left the industry divided on social media. From going ‘bald’ to clarifying what he actually meant on Twitter, the singer everything possible to make others understand that his tweets were not against any religion were against the usage of loudspeakers. Only when everything seemed to be calm down, something again got really messed up. Singer Shaan, another popular playback voice from Hindi cinema randomly decided to took to Twitter to express how he will always refrain from posting anything that encourage hatred among people.

And since Twitter hosts a lot of inadvertently smart people, some actually read between the lines in the singer’s tweet and derived a meaning in it. People went a notch ahead and claimed that Shaan’s tweet was actually meant to criticise Sonu Nigam. The Bhool Ja singer though didn’t let it go. He slammed the criticisers and humble asked them to change their thinking. Here’s what all happened:

Shaan’s tweet:

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This what a Twitterati replied:

Shaan vs Sonu Nigam controversy

This is how Shaan gave it back:

We can’t really comment on what Shaan intended, we don’t know him personally. All we can still say is that why would a singer get involved in a matter which is now over 15 days old. Meanwhile, here’s how they rock the stage when they perform together:

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