Schrodinger's wife? This is the bizarre reason why Deepak Tijori is trending

Deepak Tijori has made it to the news because of a bizarre reason. Reportedly, Deepak Tijori recently learnt that he was never married his wife

Chances are that you may have forgotten about Deepak Tijori, who in his hey days appeared in renowned films like Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander and Aashiqui. And now Deepak has made it to the news for a completely weird reason. This morning reports emerged that Deepak has been thrown out of the house by his wife Sunita after she thought he was having an extra-marital affair. If you thought, this was enough, this little piece of information will blow your mind.

Apparently, when Deepak consulted his lawyer seeking a divorce, he got the shock of his life. As it turns out, he hasn’t married Sunita after all and this happeened some twenty years ago. Deepak was told that Sunita never divorced her first husband, meaning her wedding with the actor was nullified.

Reportedly, Shivani filed a case against Deepak asking for maintenance. A fashion designer by profession, Shivani allegedly said, she couldn’t handle the expenses of her and her daughter. To counter, Deepal filed a case of ‘nullity’ against Shivani.  Deepak and Shivani are said to be fighting it out at Family Court, Bandra.

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A source in the know told a leading daily that Deepak was shocked to the core when he came to know that Shivani wasn’t his wife. The two also have a 21-year-old daughter. The source said:

After consulting a counsellor, Deepak happened to check if Shivani had divorced her first husband. Imagine his horror when he discovered that she had not!

However, while these reports have been floating around since morning, a close to the family refuted them. Deepak Tijori’s sister-in-law Kunika Lal told, that this is a product of someone’s imagination. She said:

Deepak very much has his own house so don’t don’t believe everything you read, and yes there is trouble between my sister Shivani and Deepak, but we don’t discuss personal matters like that. But how is it possible that they were not married legally? And even if he was still married to her first husband, why would he keep quiet for so long? They have a 21-year-old daughter together!

Well, this is murkier than a Bollywood thriller.

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