Saif Ali Khan should have stood by Humshakals, I have proof he enjoyed shooting it: Sajid Khan

Sajid Khan opens up about the debacle of Humshakals and says that it was unfair on Saif Ali Khan's part to disown the film on public platform

Sajid Khan as a director has witnessed success as well as failure in the industry. While all director fail at some point of time, the exceptional case with Sajid Khan was the fact that some of his actors too disowned the film after its release due to the criticism in the media.

Post the release of Humshakals, Saif Ali Khan gave an interview saying that he was embarrassed with the result of the film and blamed the director for the failure. Sajid Khan believes that everyone tries to make an entertaining film and there are instances where people go wrong, but that doesn’t give actor the right to disown the film on public platform. Khan said,

“That has happened only in Saif’s case and I think it was unfair on Saif’s part to do that. He did call me after the interview saying he didn’t mean what he said, but I just told him one thing, ‘You did more damage to the film as the film actually has not done that badly. But now with you talking negatively about the film, it has created a perception that the film is very bad as even the lead actor has not liked it.’ He didn’t even mean half of the things he said in the interview as I have chronicle proof of him enjoying on the film sets. Supposed it is one of my most dissed off film, but we often work hard. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but we shall try to make a better film the next time. Giving out 10 reasons for the failure is not true. I narrate my story 20 times to the actor. If your film is not liked, you stand by it,”

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Sajid Khan completed 10 years in the Hindi Film Industry as a director and is all charged up to start shooting for his sixth feature film as a director. 4 years after Humshakals, Sajid would be directing Akshay Kumar and Ritesh Deshmukh in Housefull 4 which is currently in script stage.