Sachin Tendulkar's biggest fan Sudhir Gautam talks about his favourite 'God' memory and Sachin: A Billion Dreams [Exclusive]

Sachin Tendulkar's biopic 'Sachin: A Billion Dreams' is releasing this Friday and the biggest fan of the cricketer Sudhir Gautam has a lot to say about it

Sachin Tendulkar, the God of Indian cricket, is a name that makes every fan proud. For ardent fans of Sachin, this Friday is really special as the biopic on Sachin is hitting the screens. The film Sachin: A Billion Dreams talks about Sachin’s journey to gaining the stature that he has today. As inspiring as Sachin’s story is, his tale can never be completed without his biggest fan, Sudhir Gautam. The 36-year-old man is more popular as Sachin’s fan than he is by his own name.

Sudhir is a relentless fan of the Indian cricket team who covers large distances just to cheer for the country. Watching him wave the tricolour at stadiums, automatically gives goosebumps. The dedication that Sudhir has shown towards Sachin without wanting anything in return is something not many are brave enough to do. However, things are not pretty great for Sudhir. His wish to see the ICC Champions Trophy is a dream that is not a smooth one.  To help Sudhir watch the matches, Abhilash Thapliyal, decided to arrange for Sudhir’s travel to England. Abhilash hopes to do his bit for the Indian fan who has been supporting team India for 16 years now.

In a telephonic interview with InUth, Sudhir spoke about worshipping Sachin, his expectations from the biopic and more. Excerpts from the interview:

Tell me something about your journey to be known as Sachin’s biggest fan?

It is an incredible feeling to be known as Sachin Tendulkar’s fan. I am extremely happy that Sachin: A Billion Dreams is releasing. When I went to meet him a few days ago, he asked me to attend the film’s premier.

Abhilash has taken an initiative just so you can see the upcoming matches. How do you feel about this that someone is taking so much trouble just for you to see wave the Tricolour at the stadium? 

Abhilash helped me in the 2015 World Cup as well. This time around when I went to Sachin Sir, he gave me a letter. I took the letter and came to Abhilash and he took the responsibility to help me to see the champion’s trophy. I am really thankful to him.

Sudhir Gautam and Abhilash Thapliyal

Sudhir Gautam and Abhilash Thapliyal

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This Friday, Sachin: A Billion Dreams is releasing and now everyone can see your idol’s story on the silver screen. How excited are you for the release? 

Sachin Sir has invited me to the premiere and I don’t have time to paint my body. So I will just paint my face and go. However, when the movie will release on 26 May, I will paint my entire body and go.

Sudhir Gautam prepping for the premiere

Sudhir Gautam prepping for the premiere

What is your favourite Sachin Tendulkar memory?

In my college days between 1999-2000, I loved his paddle sweep, straight drive. I never imagined that I would meet him one day and would be popular as Sachin’s fan. This is all a result of Sachin Sir’s appreciation of my love. When I first met him, he asked me if I would like to see more matches. I instantly said yes and the rest is history.

There are many cricketers in the country. But why did you choose Sachin? 

During the Triangular series of 2003, I got a chance to meet him. The way he spoke to me and understood my love for him did the trick. Since then there has been no turning back. What I am today is because of Sachin. I have watched 281 ODIs, 64 IPL and Champions League, 56 T20 and 58 Test Matches. Aaj bhale hi wo ground pe nahi hain, fir bhi main team India ko support karunga unka naam leke.

Sudhir Gautam (Courtesy: Twitter/@yogipal5129)

Sudhir Gautam (Courtesy: Twitter/@yogipal5129 )

We saw you in the trailer of the movie. How did that happen?

Sachin Sir called me to Rajkot for some shooting. I didn’t know a movie was being shot. In the trailer, I saw myself and felt ecstatic.


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