#RoastThatDost: 6 Bollywood Celebs Who Deserve To Be Roasted This Friendship Day

From Salman's existence to Twinkle's selective activism, here's why Bollywood celebs should be roasted by their friends, this friendship day.

We all put up with a decent amount of nonsense from our friends, because they are well… friends. This Friendship Day, we at InUth are calling out our friends for a bunch of stuff, because about time we #RoastThatDost bro. So if we’re doing it, we thought we’d imagine what roasting some Bollywood celebrities would look like:

1. Karan Johar for homophobia
Johar hiding behind the excuse of successful commercial films, has often stereotyped homosexual characters under the pretext of giving them a voice. Think for eg: Boman Irani’s character in Dostana, and how he uses broad strokes to paint all gay men as predatorial? And remember how the ‘skits’ between Saif Ali Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Kantaben were used to stereotype and mock gay relationships in Kal Ho Naa Ho? Not cool at all, KJo.

2. Sanjay Dutt for being the most innocent person ever
As we saw in Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanju, the Khalnayak actor is not responsible for anything illegal or unsavoury he might have done in his life. From his drug addiction being blamed on a peddler, to ammunition being bought to ‘protect his family’, to the media being responsible for portraying his actions as villainous – nothing is ever on Sanjay. Even when he went ahead and requested Hirani to make a film on his life, he didn’t know that the film would fully whitewash his image. He knows fewer things than Jon Snow.

3. Salman Khan … for constantly being targetted
There’s a hit-and-run case but he says he wasn’t driving, there’s the chinkara-black buck case but he says he didn’t shoot, there were several instances of domestic violence but… wait no, he never denied those. Anyway, someone’s obviously out to get bhai, even though he’s literally done nothing wrong. Ever.

4. Shah Rukh Khan for being token-woke
One of the biggest movie stars in the world, Shah Rukh Khan has this annoying habit for being token-woke whenever it suits him. He speaks, time and again about how much he respects women and then carefully side-steps the questions about real issues the women in his own industry face.

5. Akshay Kumar for championing jingoism
Akshay Kumar’s annoying hyper-patriotism, has already made him this generation’s Manoj Kumar. No one’s buying your propaganda anymore, though.

6. Twinkle Khanna for her selective activism
She prides herself as a ‘proud feminist voice’ on Twitter with her weekly columns, but doesn’t think twice before embarrassing a poor man openly defecating on a beach. Twinkle Khanna didn’t speak against her husband when stand-up comic Mallika Dua called him out on his inherently sexist comments on a reality show. Kindly introspect a little more, Ms Khanna?

Go ahead Bollywood, roast your big-shot dost!