Rishi Kapoor's new warning bio for haters on Twitter is bang on point

On Tuesday, Rishi Kapoor changed his Twitter DP, bio and also posted a message for his haters. Here's what the actor wrote

Rishi Kapoor is back with a bang on Twitter! Yes, the actor who was recently trolled for his abusive tweets and messages has found a new way to warn his haters. Rishi Kapoor has always made headlines with his bold statements and has never shied away from speaking his mind on various social and political issues.

But the actor is not always praised for being honest, sometimes he is also criticised for the same. A few days back, Rishi Kapoor asked his followers on Twitter to tell a similarity between him and Karan Johar. While some gave the right answer, others trolled him mercilessly by saying ‘the art of getting away with stupidity’ is common in both of them and the actor lost his cool after reading this.

Rishi started abusing people who trolled him, after which two women posted screenshots of  Rishi Kapoor’s abusive direct messages to them. And justifying his messages in an interview, the actor said: It’s better to abuse them via direct messages and block them.

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On Tuesday, the actor changed his Twitter DP, bio and also posted a message for his haters. Rishi changed his Twitter DP and posted a picture of him from the film Aurangzeb in which he is seen holding a gun. And his Twitter bio is a direct warning to the haters, which reads: Don’t you dare try Trollers and Abusers! You will be abused and BLOCKED-your loss if you following me.Don’t like me, unfollow me. Signed-Terrorist of the family. 

Not only this, Rishi Kapoor also tweeted a message for his haters, which reads: Released new Warning Bio for future Trolls, Abusers and Idiots! Refer profile. Please ignore sensible friends. Let’s live in a fun World.

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Well, now that the actor has already warned people, we wonder what he is up to next!

Here’s a look at Rishi Kapoor’s new profile picture: