Rishi Kapoor justifies his abusive Twitter DMs, says he won't tolerate bulling

Recently, the actor was trolled for criticising La La Land and was later slammed for his abusive tweets. Here's what Rishi Kapoor has to say about it

Rishi Kapoor has clearly mastered the art of putting his message across in just 140 words. The actor has become a Twitter sensation in no time and has also attracted many unwanted controversies because of his tweets in past few months.

Whether it is slamming haters over Taimur’s name controversy or speaking his mind without any fear over various social and political issues, the actor surely knows how to handle it all. But apart from being praised for his bold statements, Rishi Kapoor has also been trolled numerous times.

Recently, the actor was trolled for criticising Hollywood film La La Land and was later slammed for his abusive tweets. It all started when Rishi Kapoor asked his fans to tell one similarity between him and Karan Johar. And when someone said that ‘the art of getting away with stupidity’ is common in both of them, thw actor lost his cool and abused him.

It was followed by many hate tweets for the actor and two women also posted screenshots of  Rishi Kapoor’s abusive direct messages to them. Within no time the screenshots started doing rounds on the internet and some also assumed that they are fake.

But later in an interview with Mid Day, the actor said that he respect his fans, but if people will try to troll him then he will not sit quietly and will respond back. When asked about using an abusive language, he clearly said that he will not tolerate if someone will try to gain attention at the cost of his stardom and if he will be trolled and abused then he will also do the same as well.

Rishi Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor
(Courtesy: IANS)

Not only this, Rishi Kapoor also clarified the whole direct messages controversy and confirmed that chose to send DMs as openly abusing people will attract unwanted attention and controversy. So he said: It’s better to abuse them via direct messages and block them.

Well, what else can we say!