Rishi Kapoor, here's why abusing trolls doesn't help you cause. Time to grow up

Rishi Kapoor's twitter banter and heated exchange had always been a point of debate among the public. Is his current stance to abuse back the right way to deal?

Rishi Kapoor is gathering a lot of controversies these days for his abusive tweets. Not once, but quite a many times, the veteran actor has been spotted using cuss words on Twitter. Recently, it all started when Karan Johar was blessed with twins Yash and Roohi. The delighted Rishi Kapoor took to his Twitter account to congratulate Karan. In what can be called as a casual talk, Rishi asked his followers to guess the similarity between him and Karan.

While a few of his devoted fans gave away the right answer, some trolled the actor for his ‘sense of humour’. Things went out of hand when Rishi decided to take a dig at the haters in his usual way. He started abusing his trollers on the public domain.

Seeing him react in a derogatory manner, a woman shared a couple of direct messages that she received from the actor. The direct messages showcased how Rishi abused the woman. This sparked the controversy. Frustrated by the flak he received, Rishi Kapoor lashed out at his haters and made an unexpected statement.  He said:

Rishi Kapoor

Now, this is quite a shocker!

I mean Rishi saheb, a person of your stature should not try to wash the dirty linens in public and that too like this! You can block them as you rightly put it but abusing them back is not the way it should be. Getting into heated exchange or abusing the trollers is definitely not the solution.

So yes, we do agree that no one has a right to abuse anyone or speak demeaning things about people on the social media platform but then Rishi Kapoor, you need to rise above all the hate and be a celebrity that we expect you to be. Think about what you are teaching your fans – ‘an eye for an eye?’ Is that how it is supposed to be?

There have been times in the past where B-Town celebs have been trolled (left right and center). While Sonakshi Sinha has been trolled badly for her looks, Karan Johar over sexuality and Sonam has been caught on the wrong foot for her political statements. Even the Khans have not been spared in the world of Twitter. Be it the intolerance row or their views on an issue – most of the B-Town actors and actresses have seen it all.

The mercilessly trolling has nearly taken most of the celebs down and even they have been hurt, but most of them do not get down to such level to hit back at the haters. And yes, they do have an answer which I think is a better way to deal with such situations. That is let the haters be! Indifference works big time!