Rangoon Music Review: Vishal Bhardwaj's unconventional album grows on you slowly but steadily

The music of Vishal Bhardwaj's latest World War II drama Rangoon is out. Here's our review for the album

Vishal Bhardwaj is an acclaimed filmmaker, writer and music director. His films are applauded not only for the unconventional plots but also for melodious music. Haider, 7 Khoon Maaf, Omkara, Kaminey are among popular albums which won a lot of accolades in recent times. Now, the National Award winning filmmaker has come up with his 1940’s war drama Rangoon, which will hit the theatres on 24th February.

The music of the much-awaited film is out, with each of the 12 songs reminding you of the pre-independence era. The album has been composed by the director himself, who has once again teamed up with veteran lyricist Gulzar. As the headline of the review suggests, the songs have deep meaning and will take time to sink in your nerves.

Kangana: The Queen of Swag

As soon as the film along with the star cast was announced, the film fraternity was abuzz with the roles which the lead actors will play in the war drama. With a versatile actor like Kangana, you need a peppy number to justify her presence in the film. There are three songs filmed on the three-time National Award winner.

Bloody Hell: For someone with the stature of Gulzar who has given us some of the best songs, Bloody Hell is a peppy track featuring Kangana Ranaut. Sung by Sunidhi Chauhan, the track has Ranaut playing the fiesty yesteryear heroine Julia who lives the life on her own terms. The lyrics ‘I the walking walk walk’ has its own swag.

InUth Verdict- The song is peppy and you would not mind tapping your feet on it. Besides this, Kangana’s performance make it a pleasant watch in this film.

Mere Miyan Gaye England: Have you heard of the yesteryear song Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon? You must have. In Rangoon, the hit has been modified with a new twist. Sung by Rekha Bhardwaj, it has Kangana Ranaut pulling off another swagger with her dance moves on the song. There are references to Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill in the track as well.

InUth verdict: Not too impressive. Maybe, the old melody does not let us accept the modified version. You can listen to this number if you are a Rekha Bhardwaj fan.

Julia: When the trailer of Rangoon was unveiled, cinema buffs were eager to know about Kangana Ranaut’s role. The National Award winning actor plays an actor Julia in the war drama. It seems that the song might be her entry in the film. Penned by none other than Gulzar, the song has been sung by Sukhwinder Singh, KK, Kunal Ganjawalla and Vishal Bhardwaj.

InUth verdict:  Since the film is set in the 1940’s , the millennials need to listen to it again so as to understand the song. The lyrics vividly describe Julia’s personality in this track.

Fall in love again

When it comes to romance, Vishal Bhardwaj is known for treating love in his songs unconventionally. Those who have loved his compositions like Beqarar (7 Khoon Maaf), O Saathi Re(Omkara), Khul Kabhi (Haider) and others, this album has few songs which are soothing to the ears.

Ye Ishq Hai: If you are composing a romantic song, how can it be without Arijit Singh? He has lent his voice to this sensuous song featuring Kangana Ranaut and Shahid Kapoor. Penned by Gulzar, this track has lyrics which you might not understand instantly. It takes time to sink in. There is a female version of the song as well, crooned by none other than Rekha Bhardwaj.

InUth Verdict: I leave it to the listeners to decide whether they liked the song or not. No further comments. You might be reminded of O Saathi Re from Omkara.


On the other hand, there is a song titled Tippa, sung by Rekha Bhardwaj, Sukhwinder Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan and OS Arun. You should listen to this track if you have a flair for meaningful lyrics.

Back to the 1940’s: Since the film is set in the 1940’s, the music of the film has a taste of the pre-Independence era. There are three tracks in the film i.e Be Still, Shimmy Shake and the Rangoon theme song which boast of a Retro look.

InUth verdict: Listen to it and judge accordingly. Mind you, these songs are meant for serious music lovers.

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