Ram Gopal Varma apologises for his tweets on Sunny Leone but refuses to bow down

After the attack on Ram Gopal Varma's Sarkar 3 sets, the ace director decided to speak about the matter once and for all

Ram Gopal Varma’s controversial tweet on International Women’s Day has created a huge controversy for the director. The problem began when Ram Gopal Varma’s sexist comment on Sunny Leone led to a police complaint. The director decided to counter the complaint with his justification. However, the matter wasn’ resolved there as two fringe groups Film Studio Setting and Allied Mazdoor Union vandalized the sets of Sarkar 3 in Versova.

It seems that Ram Gopal Varma decided to settle down the matter once and for all. The director who has been facing a lot of flak for his controversial tweets stated in a statement, “If anyone is offended then I apologise for my tweet, but I don’t apologise to those who threatened to take law into their hands.”

It all started when Ram Gopal Varma tweeted his opinions by using a hashtag #MensDay. In one of his tweets, he mentioned Sunny Leone’s name stating, “I wish all the women in the world give men as much happiness as Sunny Leone gives.” This led to the growing dissent among the Twitterati who did not appreciate director’s stance. One of the activists in Goa filed a complaint against the director.

Sunny Leone Ram Gopal Varma IANS photo for InUth.com

Sunny Leone, Ram Gopal Varma (Courtesy: IANS)

In response to the FIR, Ram Gopal Verma took to his social media account to state that he is soon going to file a ‘counter’ in response to the complaint. He added that the activist has disrespected nearly 18 lakh followers of Sunny Leone.

After receiving a backlash from the Twitteraties, RGV replied, “The negative noise towards my tweet on @SunnyLeone arises from ultimate hypocrisy. She has more honesty and more self respect than any woman.” He added, “All u illiterates who dint understand my earlier 2 tweets on @SunnyLeone atleast go through dictionary unless u are uneducated for that too,” he added.

The director shared his counter police complaint.


Yesterday he spoke about the whole incident and stated:

He also added that, “Was just expressing my feelings but I apologise to all who were offended due to my unintended insensitive tweets in context of women’s day.”

Ram Gopal Varma wrote, “My mom, sister, daughter and my grandmother mainly respect me for my honesty in openly expressing my respect towards @SunnyLeone ‘s honesty”

Not just that the Sarkar 3 director also said, “Filing counter against OverActivist wid 212 followers which wud b her family n friends, for disrespecting 18 lakh followers of @SunnyLeone https://t.co/hWQH8XBMYs

In the past also, the filmmaker has landed himself into controversy for wishing Tiger Shroff on his birthday. He called the actor a ‘bikini babe’ thereby aggravating the situation.