Raees ladies Mahira Khan and Sunny Leone just had a Twitter conversation. Hint: Something to do with dance moves

Mahira Khan and Sunny Leone, who worked in Raees, exchanged tweets where the former lauded the item number Laila Main Laila

With the entire nation and wherever Raees released, everything has been painted in Miyanbhai’s color. Shah Rukh Khan’s performance in this Rahul Dholakia film has been welcomed with open arms by viewers. The 51-year-old superstar has been sharing on Twitter how fans have reacted to the films, since yesterday. But apart from SRK, there is someone else in the film whose performance is being met with an equal number of claps and whistles- actress Sunny Leone.

Sunny, who features in the item song Laila Main Laila has forced people to stand up from their seats. Videos that have been shared on social media showed with every step Laila Sunny, the viewers followed suit. The amazing response tells that Sunny has been well accepted in her song and has left a deep impression on viewers.

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But there is someone else too who is mesmerized by Sunny’s performance- Raees‘ leading lady Mahira Khan. Seeing the exhilaration among viewers for Sunny’s performance, Mahira took to Twitter to tell her she would also shoot a video like that. To this, Sunny said she is waiting for Mahira’s performance in the theatre.

Mahira Khan in Raees YouTube screen grab for InUth dot com

Mahira Khan (Courtesy: YouTube. Red Chillies Entertainment)

It must be noted that in Mahira’s absence Sunny played a major role in promotions of Raees. She accompanied SRK to promotions despite being in Raees for only one song. Now it can’t be said if Sunny was filling in Mahira’s shoes or having the former actress on board was a part of the promotional strategy from the start.

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Whatever the case, we are absolutely liking the exchange of tweets between Sunny and Mahira. You too can read it here: