Phullu official trailer release: Welcome 'Phullu', another Padman in town apart from Akshay

Another film on sanitary napkins apart from Akshay Kumar's Padman, 'Phullu' is here to make you smile

While you are greatly anticipating Akshay Kumar starrer Padman, there is another menstrual man in town. Dealing with the same subject Phullu, dated to release on June 16, is a social drama by director Abhishek Saxena, which revolves around the concept of sanitary pads and the taboo related to it. The movie plans to hit the chords of one of the most unvoiced topics in India – Periods. While we have all hushed at the name of it, gotten uncomfortable during the TV ads and even murmured problems in the closet, Phullu arrives like a breath of air to at least let you accept taboos, if not break them.

The mainstream Hindi cinema is undergoing a drastic evolutionary process where finally, directors are daring to experiment and raise important social issues (Remember, Udta Punjab?). Not only that, even actresses are emerging as an equal opponent and are not accepting merely side-kick roles. Movies like Queen, Margarita with a Straw, Parched and so on, have done a great deal to encourage young writers and directors to take up strong stirring topics and make movies on them. And that is how both Phullu and Akshay Kumar starrer Padman come into existence. Both movies deal with the topic of female menstruation and is greatly anticipated by the fans.

While director R Balki’s Padman starring Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor, is a biopic on Menstrual Man Arunachalam Muruganatham who invented cheap sanitary napkins for women and raised awareness around sanitary napkins across villages in India, Phullu, is a social drama where the eponymous hero of the film, initially a good for nothing, makes pads for women in his village at cheap prices so that they won’t suffer. He is adamant even to a point that he is willing to risk his image in his society and faces major criticism.  The film’s tagline ‘Jo aurat ka dard nahi smjhta, bhagwan use mard nahi smjhta’ (The man who doesn’t understand the pain of women, god does not consider him a man) very aptly sheds light to the plot of the film.

Phullu is played by actor Sharib Hashmi and the film also stars Jyotii Sethi and Nutan Surya. The poster of the films has garnered a lot of appreciation where Phullu is comfortably resting on a big sanitary napkin.

The official trailer of the movie released today. It has so far amassed more than 12k views and is ushered with a positive response. Watch the trailer here:



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