Hilarious! Pakistani actor accuses Salman Khan, Bollywood of promoting crime among youths in her country

Pakistani actor Rabi Pirzada has levelled a serious allegation at Salman Khan and Bollywood films

Bollywood films are extremely popular not only in India but other countries of the world as well. Our film stars enjoy a massive fan following wherever they go. Salman Khan is one such star whose popularity continues to rise with each passing day. But it seems that actors from neighbouring country Pakistan are not happy with him. Days after Pakistani actor Sabah Qamar vent his ire at Salman, another artist from across the border has levelled a serious allegation at the Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor.

Rabi Pirzada, Pakistani pop-singer and actor, has unleashed a scathing attack on Salman and Bollywood, saying the films made in India are promoting crime among local youngsters. “Every film released in Bollywood happens to be about crime or some criminal activities, especially films of Salman Khan. My question is, what are Indian film-makers teaching the youth? It seems like they are just promoting crime,” local daily The Express Tribune quoted Pirzada saying at a press conference.

Pirzada went further in her attack on Bollywood, saying that there was a time when Pakistani film industry was at the peak of popularity wherein the films used to inculcate values among the youth.

Well, it is high time that Pirzada gets her facts right about Salman Khan. Beginning from Wanted wherein he played an undercover cop, Salman has never played a criminal in his films. In fact, he won accolades for his portrayal of Bajrangi in 2015 blockbuster Bajrangi Bhaijaan wherein he took a mute Pakistani girl separated from her parents in India, back to her home. The film won the National Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment. We guess Pirzada should at least watch the film before commenting on Indian stars and films.

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