Paayal Rohatgi's Social Media Timeline Is As Toxic As Her Films Once Were

I think we've figured out where all of those weird Whatsapp forwards comes from.

Trust everyone to jump on the ‘trending’ bandwagon, even Paayal Rohatgi. Remember her? She appeared in a few films in the early 2000s, that weren’t exactly A-list. Films that unabashedly catered to the male gaze (minus Neha Dhupia’s self-awareness) and where she tried to titillate her way into Bollywood.

She took off on the #TalkToAMuslim campaign on Twitter, after Rahul Gandhi made some comments about the Congress being a ‘Muslim party’. As people from around the country held placards, Rohatgi found a message of her own to relay. Her sign basically said how she was ‘scared as a Hindu’ and ‘scared to worship a cow’.

We decided to scan through her Twitter feed and found some really… interesting tweets by her championing the popular sentiment. Believe it or not, but according to Rohatgi there’s ‘someone’ out there trying to ‘finish off the Hindus’. It’s like a WhatsApp forward’s come to life.

Offering her two cents on how Mahatma Gandhi ruined the country forever

Paayal Rohatgi batting for Shri Narendra Modi, purely out of respect of course.

When she jumped on the troll brigade, to unmask Shehla Rashid’s ‘threat’.

Rohatgi has previously been in the news for her bigotry, after she missed her flight. But the problem began when she (curiously) blamed it on the religion of the attendants. Basically how do you say no to celebrity entitlement without getting called out for your religion?

The Facebook live was only momentarily successful as even though she found herself in people’s consciousness for some time, it didn’t help her film career. Something she’s desperately trying to revive, with these bunch of Pro-Sanju and Rajkumar Hirani tweets.

Rohtagi is only just another member of a team, where celebrities like Paresh Rawal, Vivek Agnihotri and Anupam Kher are legends. They pick up nuggets of information and news championing Hindu-centric politics of those in power, and peddle it to their large following without verification.

At the end of the day, Paayal Rohatgi is just another pawn in peddling hate speech against ‘the other’, be it in terms of religion, societal or political beliefs.