Only MS Dhoni Is Cool Enough To Get A Biopic's Sequel. But What Will It Talk About?

Is there really a story in MS Dhoni's life, which does anything other than echoing the legend of MSDhoni? Something the first film did as well?

Let’s just assume that there are stories left in MS Dhoni’s life that Neeraj Pandey couldn’t fit into MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. And probably that’s why there are reports of a sequel in the works, in which the cricketer will be involved. And these reports suggest that the film will take off from after the 2011 World Cup win, where the 2016 film concluded.

A lot has happened since 2011. MS Dhoni has moved on from being the sole mai baap of the Indian cricket team to a jaded, elderly statesman in Virat Kohli’s team. From being someone who advocated ‘fresh legs’ in the outfield of the 2008 CB series in Australia, Dhoni is today surrounded by a bunch of ‘edgy’ youngsters – sporting tattoos, six-packs and hairstyles normally associated with bratty European footballers. But what will the film essentially talk about in this journey?

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According to reports, the sequel will reportedly deal with the 2015 WC Semi Final loss to Australia, Dhoni’s stellar leadership in the IPL, and ‘different facets’ of his personal life.

But will it explore the humiliation Dhoni faced in England immediately after the 2011 World Cup win? It will surely have the 2013 Champions Trophy win, which ensured Dhoni had won each and every ICC tournament on the planet. But will it explore the tiresome job of being the captain of the Indian cricket team, and its bipolar fans who only remember you for your last match? Will it try and delve into MS Dhoni’s head about why he suddenly announced his retirement from Test cricket in the middle of a series in Australia? Will it try and explore the Indian cricket team’s indifferent relationship with the Indian media without necessarily going – Mahi bolta hai ab bas ho gaya?

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The problem with authorised biopics is very rarely do we get a picture, that offers any actual insight at all. Just look at the first film on Dhoni, Sachin’s biopic or even the criminally dishonest Sanju. At times, it’s about drawing in the crowds and at times, biopics are little more than PR vehicles for tainted stars. It’s an opportunity for a celebrity, to get his fans to absolve them of any/all ‘mistakes’ and gobble up the propaganda about their life.

Dhoni is probably interested in coming clean about his alleged involvement with India Cements, CSK’s betting scandals, his talent agency’s conflict of interest with the Indian captain having a say in the selection of players? Maybe he wants another 200-crore film before he retires after the 2019 World Cup.

Is there really a story in Dhoni’s life, which does anything other than echoing the legend of Dhoni, something the first film did as well? The setting sun on the 36-year-old’s career will afford him something even Sachin couldn’t manage – a sequel to his biopic.