Only Kangana Ranaut could have pulled off the AIB video in her Queen-sque swag. Here's proof

Kangana Ranaut teamed up with All India Bakchod (AIB) to make a song and it won't be wrong to say that only she could have played this part

Kangana Ranaut and AIB just came together to prove a point about sexism in Bollywood, and the result was plain gold. The Simran actress and the comedy group came together for a song titled The Bollywood diva song and savagely unleashed the ugly reality of the glitzy world in the quirkiest way possible. The song has already become a rage, thanks to the unabashed honesty. It has only been a few hours since the song released on YouTube and everyone is already lovin’ it. Chances are that you might have already listened to the number and if you haven’t, you are missing out on 7:14 minutes of absolute fun.

It’s not just about the song (which we got to accept that it has been shot beautifully),  instead, this is to establish the fact that only Kangana, and no other actress, could have pulled this off. With this , we can totally say that the actress is clearly on a mission to break stereotypes.

Kangana Ranaut in AIB video

Kangana Ranaut in AIB video

A huge round of applause to the writers- Manaswi Mohata, Anuya Jakatdar, Ayesha Nair, Supriya Joshi, for creating an anthem that practically talks about everything happening in Bollywood right now.

  • Nepotism: When she said the actor’s dad launched him in the industry, Kangana reiterated her statements from the past months. She has been talking about nepotism on all the platforms and did not leave this one too.
  • Age gap: The song spoke about the redundant habit of Bollywood where they sign younger heroines opposite actors, almost double the age. This practice was called pedophilia in the song and serves as a tight slap on the faces of everyone following it.
  • Woman card: The Kangana Ranaut vs Hrithik Roshan debate is seeing no end anytime soon. The fact that Kangana has been so vocal about her alleged relationship with Hrithik, has put her at the receiving end of critics who said she was using the victim card. The song also spoke about  this ‘victim card’ Kangana has been ‘using’ and said the criticism was there because the actress had a vagina.
  • Tantrums: On more than one occasion, we have seen actresses’ demand of a meaty role (or any question they raise to the makers) is met with a cliched response: You are being a diva!
  • Pay disparity: The song talks about how the number of zeroes in an actor’s pay cheque exceed that of the actress’ by a large number.

By bringing their own touch to the popular Chittiya Kalaiyan song, AIB has definitely made a peppy number. But as much as we need to praise them for doing this song, Kangana also deserves a round of applause. All these topics which the song spoke about are the ones Kangana has been talking about for ages now.

A look at her career graph and the statements she made in the past confirm the song is a reflection of her. For example, Karan Johar did say Kangana was playing the victim card. Not only this, Kangana had said once she would always like to be treated as an equal on the sets. And about the word (read vagina) which has been used over a thousand times in the song (figuratively, of course!), Kangana had said:

No, I don’t have balls, I have a vagina. Why can’t anyone say that? It is so much cooler to say “You’ve got ovaries.” Our sexuality is taken away from us, I want us to be free from brainwashing.

All we say is, afterall, they don’t call her the Queen of Bollywood for no reason!


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