Nysa Devgan Being Shamed For A Salon Trip A Day After Veeru Devgan's Death Is Plain Disgusting

Nysa Devgan was judged by many publications and her Instagram followers for scheduling a salon appointment a day after her grandfather's death.

The unfair attention being laden on star kids has been a conversation we’ve been having for a while now. However, certain sections of the media seem to be showing the same level of disrespect. After Janhvi & Khushi Kapoor were liberally discussed for not looking ‘sad enough’ after mother, Sridevi’s sudden death, at their cousin Sonam’s wedding party, the trolls have now targeted Nysa Devgan.

Daughter of Ajay Devgn and Kajol, she was snapped a day after her grandfather, Veeru Devgan’s death. She was visiting a salon, and many publications put out the pictures with their judgemental headlines.


It’s not a new phenomenon, where outsiders are keen to observe and discuss an individual or a family’s reaction to a death. Especially in India, we seem all the more glued in to this vocation where we have little to no personal investment. Nysa Devgan was judged by many publications for scheduling a salon appointment a day after her grandfather’s death.

Because how dare she think about her beauty, when she *should be* mourning her grandfather’s death. Of course, there’s no such thing as internalised grief that everyone deals with, in their own way. We need to pretend to be devastated and borrow from a mainstream film’s melodrama to depict sadness. Some even suggested that she should have waited a few days before ‘resuming her normal life’.

Nysa Devgan has since taken down the pictures of her salon visit from Instagram.

Our judgmental nature around an acquaintance’s death is plainly put… disgusting. The general public and even sections of the media need to take more responsibility than this. We cannot dictate the way somebody else (especially a teenager) comes to terms with a loss in their life. We cannot micromanage how they overcome their grief. And to propel unnecessary gossip, it’s the lowest form of conversation.