Nirbhaya verdict: From welcoming judgement to asking serious punishment for convicted juvenile, Bollywood reacts

Bollywood celebrities took to Twitter to express their opinion on the Nirbhaya verdict. The Supreme Court today upheld the death sentence to four convicts

The Supreme Court today upheld the death sentence of four convicts in the Nirbhhaya rape case today. In what is nothing short of a historic judgement, the Court said that the barbaric act deserves a harsh punishment. In 2012, a 23-year-old physiotherapy intern in a moving bus. The intern passed away in a hospital in Singapore. Welcoming the judgment, veteran actor Rishi Kapoor said that justice prevailed.

Taking to Twitter, Rishi Kapoor wrote “Nirbhaya verdict.Justice prevails.Being in a civil society, in this case, “Public Hanging” was needed to set an example for an everyday menace.”

Actress Neha Sharma, however, had a different take on the matter. She tweeted that justice would not be complete till the juvenile is not given a death sentence.

The rape of Nirbhaya, whose real name was Jyoti Singh, shook the nation. On the chilly night of 16 December, she and her friend boarded a bus after watching a movie. On the bus, she was brutally raped by 6 men and the two were thrown out of the bus. The rape shocked everyone because her intestines were pulled out.

After the apex court gave its verdict, the courtroom broke into a round of applause, suggest media reports. Nirbhaya’s mother who was sitting in the courtroom had tears in her eyes. Reacting to the judgement, Nirbhaya’s father said it is a “victory for the family. I am very happy,” he said.

Ahead of the verdict, Nirbhaya’s mother had said that they have full faith in the judiciary. “I am sure that the Supreme Court will announce death sentence in its verdict for the guilty. I am sure the Supreme Court will give justice to my daughter. This will set an example for the world.”

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Sine the judgement came, Twitter has been flooded with reactions with many saying it is a slap to all those disrespecting women. Here are reactions of Bollywood after the verdict:

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