Neena Gupta is looking for job and her humble Instagram post is being loved by Internet

Neena Gupta has won million hearts by posting a humble image on Instagram in which she asked for a job. This post inspired Priyanka Chopra too

Neena Gupta has set an example for all of us who think asking for jobs means compromising on self-esteem. The veteran actress took to Instagram to share a beautiful portrait of hers. It was the picture’s caption that caught our attention. She captioned the image as, “I live in Mumbai and working am a good actor looking for good parts to play” (sic). Neena Gupta’s way of asking for a job sidelined the actor’s pride, which many in the industry may not relate to. This post by Neena inspired Priyanka Chopra as well.

Neena Gupta is an award winning actor and the fact that she went ahead and asked for work is something we all should take note of. Neena’s post reveals she doesn’t want to sit idle and intends to keep on working till she can. Neena’s daughter and renowned designer Masaba Gupta shared the photo on Instagram and expressed that she was proud of her mother and also revealed the life lessons she had learned from her.

Neena Gupta (Courtesy: IANS),

Neena Gupta (Courtesy: IANS)

Masaba wrote, “Just the other day I was telling someone .. how I am never afraid/ shy to ask for work. It’s obviously genetic. My mother put up this post on her Instagram today. I mean, my 62yr old national award winning mother. She told me I must always work … no matter what .. it keeps you from getting old…she told me they don’t write for women her age anymore … I don’t think anyone can replicate what she did for TV anymore.. she complains that she can’t do PR .. but says ‘I do good work, that’s my PR’.. time and again we’ve spoken about how whatever she asks for … in due time, she gets… But that’s the magic of a pure heart. The universe just can’t refuse you… the only advice I have the guts to give her is.. don’t work with anyone who won’t respect you ,at this age , that’s the bare minimum & it’s a strange strange industry she’s in… the advice she gives me in return is..’whatever you do, free ka PR mat khaana, your only someone’s kid/wife/niece/sister for this long. Prove yourself. WORK. Walk the talk & fly  @neena_gupta #neenaji”

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Well, Neena Gupta has all our respect for being this humble and not shying away from working. You have inspired us, Ma’am!

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