Nawazuddin Siddiqui's book written without knowledge or consent: Niharika Singh responds

Nawazuddin Siddiqui alleges in his memoir that he slept with his Miss Lovely co-star

In his book titled An Ordinary Life – A Memoir, Nawazuddin Siddiqui recounts his experience in past relationships with several women. Excerpts from the book, where he has revealed intimate details about these relationships, have been doing rounds of media houses for a few days now. And the description of one such relationship has irked Niharika Singh, Nawaz’ co-star in Miss Lovely and his former girlfriend – as revealed in the book.

Expressing her concern over what has been written about her and Nawaz’ relationship in the book, Niharika talked to an entertainment portal and stressed that such excerpts from the book only showed that the actor was willing to malign a woman’s image and disrespect her for selfish reasons. She also claimed that Nawaz had deliberately chosen to ‘manipulate a fleeting relationship.’

Here’s her statement:

Nawaz and I had a brief relationship during the making of Miss Lovely that lasted less than a few months in 2009. So today when he paints me as a ‘woman in fur’ enticing him into her bedroom with candles, or desperately calling him and mailing other women on his behalf, I can only laugh. He obviously wants to sell his book and it would appear that he is willing to exploit and disrespect a woman just to do so. He has chosen to fabricate stories and manipulate a fleeting relationship. None of what he has written has been with my knowledge, let alone my consent. It is this very aspect of Nawaz that caused me to end my relationship with him in the first place. I have always maintained that he’s a brilliant actor. However, I had hoped these acting skills would have remain confined only to the screen. Still, I wish him well. This is all I have to say.

Niharika Singh in Miss Lovely

Niharika Singh in Miss Lovely

This is the excerpt from the book which has been going viral, in which Nawaz alleges that Niharika invited the actor to her place for a casual dinner that turned into a romantic evening.

One day, while we were shooting a dance scene, something happened to my co-star Niharika Singh. When the director said, Cut! she quietly rushed to her vanity van and stayed there. Something seemed to have happened to her. She was suddenly cold, went out of her way to maintain a distance from me and began to keep mum. I was puzzled. What was wrong with her? What had happened? She used to be friendly, social and talk quite a bit. I thought it was best to ask her what had happened and so I did, not once, not twice, but several times, for several days. She responded that nothing had happened. I silenced my curiosity. I simply urged her to talk, be more social, that it was not healthy to be so quiet. After some days she began I invited her over for a home-cooked meal, a mutton dish which was my speciality. She politely agreed and came over. The dish I had made for her turned out to be absolutely terrible. But she was too well mannered to say so. Not only did she eat everything that was on her plate, but she praised it as well. Now you come to my house, Nawaz. I will cook mutton for you, she said warmly. For the very first time I went to Niharika s house. I rang the doorbell, slightly nervous. When she opened the door, revealing a glimpse of the house, I was speechless with amazement. A hundred, or so it seemed, little candles flickered beautifully. She wore soft faux fur, looking devastatingly gorgeous, her beauty illuminated even more in the candlelight. And I, being the lusty village bumpkin that I am, scooped her up in my arms and headed straight for the bedroom. We made passionate love. And just like that, out of the blue, I began a relationship with Niharika Singh, a relationship which I did not know then would last for almost one and a half years.

The book also shares details about how Niharika impersonated Nawaz while talking to one of his other exes:

Nawazuddin Siddqui,

An excerpt from Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s book

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