Noor Live movie review: Sonakshi Sinha is all set for some serious journalism

Noor Live movie review: Directed by Sunhil Sippy, Noor created quite a buzz owing to its interesting storyline.

Sonakshi Sinha starrer Noor released in theaters today. Based on the book by Pakistani author Saba Imtiaz titled Karachi! You Are Killing Me, Noor is the story of a journalist and her misadventures. The film marks the Bollywood debut of Kanan Gill and also features Purab Kohli and Shibani Dandekar in pivotal roles.

Directed by Sunhil Sippy, Noor created quite a buzz owing to its interesting storyline. The trailer revealed that Sonakshi is stuck in a job that she doesn’t like much. She also faces the daily problems of the millennials, like she wants to lose weight, wants a love life and all. The songs of the movie quite brilliantly portrayed the problems in her life and how she dealt with it.

However, Noor is not all about fun. The second trailer of the movie revealed that Noor’s life is much more than what she thinks of. As a journalist, she starts on a journey to bring justice to the needy. In the entire process, she grows as a person and realizes that life is not all a bed of roses. Noor is an important film for Sonakshi as she is the one who’s is carrying the film on her shoulders. As the protagonist, Sonakshi had a lot of pressure and it is left to be seen if she manages to take the film to the hit mark.

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11.43 am: Hum journalists vultures ki tarh logon ki life ko noch noch ke apna banate hain…Well, how true is that?
11.40 am: Here comes social media journalism… Yo!
11.37 am: We are waiting for Noor to do some actual work
11.34 am: From Mumbai to London
11.32 am: Well, she has some major drinking problem here
11.30 am: Friends… Friends… One should have friends like Noor has
11.24 am: While we are busy eating some popcorn, why don’t you check what celebs are tweeting about the film:
Noor celeb review: Here’s what Bollywood celebs have to say about Sonakshi Sinha starrer
11.20 am: All you journalists, Noor and her editor’s discussions will take you back to your newsroom
11.18 am:
Though the movie began on breezy note, it turned serious suddenly 
11.17 am: 
Despite slow pace, first half is quite engaging
11.15 am: 
And it’s interval 
11.13 am: 
And her quarter-life crisis is as original as yours
11.10 am: 
She has silly friends. She deals with frivolous issues at times
11.09 am: No jhola. Thank God
11.07 am: Finally somebody has avoided stereotyping media people
11:04 am Noor’s hot friend Saad is an adorale character
11 am: Noor is such a relatable character. She swears by her rum, hangovers are there too, loves to eat cake in bed and plays a cupid on a friend’s date
10.57 am: This newsroom is so calm and peaceful. Really? Where is this office?
10.55 am: Yeah… That’s little ethical ‘hum sirf journalists hi nahi, insaan bhi hain…’
10.53 am: How can you miss Gulabi Aankhen. While we are enjoying it theatres, you can here:

10.49 am: Sona and Kohli make a wonderful couple…
10.47 am: Whaaat? A sox as a rubber band? #SoCoolSoWeird
10.46 am:
Okay… So it’s no fun here… We are talking ‘serious’ journalism. Mind you

While we are here with LIVE updates. Check how the audience is responding:

10.42 am: Here too it is MoJo journalism… I can relate, yo!
10.40 am:
Wow… Mumbai looks good here…
10.38 am: And omg… Did Purab Kohli look any sexier before?
10.36 am: She has an adorable father…
10.34 am:
And she drives a Nano… At least she can afford that much in her journo salary (#NoPunIntended)
10.32 am: It’s like I am Noor. Lol! Sonakshi looks too sweet as Noor
10.30 am: Noor… Hah, this girl looks so regular