Simran review: Kangana Ranaut is the hero, heroine and 'villain' of the film

Overall rating: 3.5
When the reigning Queen, Kangana Ranaut plays court, you pay attention. Simran is flawed, but it is most definitely worth a watch.

If anyone wants a really quick review of Simran, here it is: Fifty Shades of Kangana Ranaut. But is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. When the Queen plays court, you pay attention. But unlike Tanu Weds Manu 2 and Queen, Simran has a plot that looks perfect at the rim but sinks in the middle, much like a chocolate cake that didn’t spend enough time in the oven.

The Plot Does Not Thicken:

Kangana Ranaut plays Praful Patel, a no-filter, fiercely independent divorcee. Ranaut’s fresh faced portrayal of Praful is so convincing, it is near impossible to imagine any other actor pulling it off.  Praful works hard to save money for her own house; a move that has not gone down well with her overbearing and somewhat abusive father. He is that version of an onscreen desi parent who at no point starts to feel even remotely loveable. Praful, much to her parent’s dismay, will not bend, will not conform, will not compromise. That is her beauty, and that is her bane. That, and of course her gambling addiction and literally no concept of right and wrong.

It is easy to love her, to feel numb at her loss, to empathise with her situation and to send up a quick prayer for her safety (no? you didn’t? just me then? damn!), but Kangana’s Praful Patel – just like Hansal Mehta’s film – is so flawed, it leaves you with a weird aftertaste.

Supporting Cast Is Bae:

Also, a minute of deep, uneasy silence for the stellar supporting cast that didn’t get enough screen time – Sohum Shah who plays the mandatory Mr Right, and of course her father. We’ve covered the basics with the dad, now let’s talk about Praful’s sort of love interest – Sameer. A man who has planned his life meticulously, is supremely fond of cheesy one liners, and frankly too naive. In short: he almost seems plagued by his own goodness.

The film’s said to be loosely based on the real life story of Sandeep Kaur, who robbed banks to repay her debts. Sandeep’s moniker was Bombshell Bandit, Praful goes by Lipstick Bandit. Did they do her story justice? Umm.. no. Did Kangana do her character justice? A thousand times yes.

To Watch Or Not To Watch:

Post interval, sadly the plot-line slips and neither Kangana’s bravado nor Praful’s incredible spunk can save it. And yet, most people who’ve seen will be unanimous in one thing – the film is flawed but is definitely and absolutely worth a watch.

Kangana Ranaut is the hero, heroine and ‘villain’ of Simran and not only does she shine in her role, this lone and ‘flawed’ warrior has begun to feel majestic.