Raabta movie review: Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon's chemistry not enough for this movie to sail through

Overall rating: 2
Sushant Singh Rajput, Kriti Sanon and Jim Sarbh starrer Raabta gets too boring too soon. Here is our review of the much awaited movie

Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon’s Raabta talks about hearts being connected. Shiv and Saira, the characters of Sushant and Kriti respectively,  have no clue why there seems to an unspeakable bond between them. Right from the first meeting, Sushant and Kriti hit off, though it must be added that the hero’s cheesy lines feel he is still stuck in the old Bollywood romance style. Set in two eras, Saira and Shiv’s story doesn’t keep you hooked owing to the continuous switch of bygone and current age.

The makers of Raabta did a good job in selecting the cast of the movie. Sushant and Kriti perfectly complement each other. But in lieu of making the plot relatable, the makers filled it with cliches. The boy meets girl, girl avoids him only to fall in love later, is an overused formula. And Raabta sadly doesn’t give anything new.

To keep the story about two eras relevant, Saira is shown haunted my nightmares, something she cannot make sense of. Obviously, Shiv has a part to play in this. Not that he is the reason behind this, but because they are ‘connected’. Them trying to figure it all out forms the crux of the story.

Not to forget, Raabta features Jim Sarbh. The fearsome hijacker in Neerja played the role of an antagonist- a business tycoon in the modern age and a warrior in the bygone era. His brooding eyes and killer expressions take the movie to new heights. The romance between Shiv and Saira is another highlight of the movie. As young lovers, deeply in love, Sushant and Kriti do a commendable job.

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What’s hot:

 Sushant and Kriti’s chemistry is definitely worth watching in the movie. The level of comfort these two stars share lights up the screen and also gives you all the mushy feels.

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What’s not:

 The villain in Raabta is not the acting but the plot. Full of cliches and predictable turns, Raabta gets boring soon. You should watch it only if you want to see the romance of Sushant and Kriti.