Coffee With D movie review: Sunil Grover's date with deadly don is super fun!

What happens when a journalist meets world's deadliest don over a cup of coffee?

We cannot question the funny quotient of the one and only Sunil Grover who has over the years tickled our funny bones. His out and out funny antics have always cracked the youngsters and left the audience in a split. So when the trailer of Coffee with D was released, the anticipation among the audience was high. Did Sunil’s Grover piping hot Coffee with D infuse a lot more enjoyable moments than this year’s Koffee with Karan?


The movie is a journey of loud mouth, over the top anchor Arnab Ghosh (Sunil Grover) who has been asked to host a cookery show after failing to impress his boss. Frustrated by this decision, the anchor goes for a big hunt – an interview with none other than the fearful don D played by Zakir Hussain. What happens next is nothing short of a funny lovable journey which is filled with hilarious situations.

Coffee with D

Coffee with D

The extreme satirical storyline is based on a what-if idea that fails to impress the audience at times but on the other hand, helps give them a funny laugh altogether. The saving grace of the movie has been the ensemble star cast who kept us glued to the screen with their hysterical performances.

The movie put too much focus on the epic clash between the Don and Arnab to generate drama and this is where the film fails in parts.



While Sunil ensures to keep up the momentum of the movie and does a fair job playing the role of a journalist, Zakir Husain’s don avatar surprised us in a good way! His prowess for comical and serious roles has been proven in the past. Zakir’s goofy and sinister avatar is the highlight of the movie. Anjana Sukhani’s role of a cheeky pregnant wife is lovable.


Pankaj Tripathy added a subtle yet funny tone to the entire film by cracking jokes with a hard hitting punchline. The pace of the story falls for a bit in the second half since the movie heavily depends on the face to face interview between a journalist and an underworld don.

All in all, the movie has it’s ups and downs. While the stalwart performances have been the highlight, the movie undoubtedly had a potential to do more better, if the treatment was more polished.

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