Phillauri LIVE movie review: Anushka Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh film promises a lot of laughter

Phillauri LIVE movie review: Let's see if Anushka Sharma's film brings a smile to your face or not. Stay with us to know about Phillauri

Anushka Sharma’s Phillauri is one film which garnered a lot of attention since it was announced. Starring Diljit Dosanjh, Suraj Sharma and Nidhi Bisht in important roles, Phillauri is woven around the love story of Shashi. After her love story remained unfinished in her life, Shashi turned into a ghost, though a friendly one. The trailer of this Anshai Lal directorial received a thumbs up from the viewers, adding to the buzz of the film.

This movie has been in news for many reasons and the unique way that Anushka Sharma promoted it was one of them. One of the antics which she employed was photoshopping Shashi’s photo on iconic events. This led to #ShashiWasThere hashtag gain immense popularity and Anushka being present almost everywhere. She explained the Oscars goof-up and why Dharmendra didn’t ride pillion to Amitabh Bachchan in Sholay‘s song Ye Dosti. Shashi was at the moon and also in the film Life Of Pi where Suraj Sharma’s character was stuck in the ocean. All these images tickled the funny bones of people and took Phillauri’s promotions to a new high.

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Talking about this second venture of hers as a producer, Anushka during the interviews for the film, that she had to break free from being just an actress. Anushka explained taking the leap as a producer was one of the best decisions of her career.

Catch the live updates of  Phillauri movie review:

12.29 pm: This is all for today peeps. Enjoy your movie with Anushka and Diljit

12.25 pm: As the beauty takes over the screen. One thing for sure, Phillauri is only a big screen watch


12.22 pm: Audiences are all impressed

12.17 pm: Phillauri has a very strong connection with the pre-independence struggle

12.10 pm: Too much drama. We hope not unnecessarily

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12.03 pm: Din Shagna Da will remind you of all the Punjabi wedding you have attended

12 pm: Anushka’s jewellery deserves a special mention

11.52 am: We are so in love with Mehreen Pirzada’s lehenga

11.50 am: Phillauri sends out a strong message. Watch to know it

11.46 am: Now, it’s strectched. It is getting slow


11.43 am: Sahibaaaa… The best of all songs and its placement in the story is quite beautiful

11.40 am: Dum Dum is a soulful track

11.37 am: Whistles Whistles to our Naughty Billo

11.35 am: The movie touches upon some really serious issues
11.34 am: This love story is not pehli nazar ka pehla pyar Their craft makes them one.

11.32 am: We are here to update you, meanwhile watch Din Shagna Da here

11.29 am: Here comes a mystery: Diljit paaji’s name?
11.26 am: Music is the USP of the film. Such subtleness
11.25 am: This is a unique love story. In fact, the love angle gets established when it’s actually required in the story

11.20 am: And we are back to this unique love story

11.10 am: Let’s see what audience has to say:

11.07 am: So far great movie. Let’s eat something, it’s interval

11.06 am: Diljit Dosanjh’s character is different
11.03 am: Ok.. So Phillauri is not all sweet. Shashi just gave a reality check to his rowdyself

11 am: Thaeth Punjabi words capture complexities of big fat Punjabi weddings

10.54 am: Phillauri shows a beautiful transportation between two worlds

10.50 am: The entire village is in awe of Phillauri. And why not! From the kohl in his eyes to the nasha in his voice, there’s more than 1 reason to love him.

10.48 am: He’s talented and has a command on music. Phillauri rocks.

10.47 am: Diljeet makes an entry. Yohooo. Audience going gaga

10.44 am: Wow… flashback is here. Old Phillaur looks Beautiful

10.41 am: Shaadi ped se nahi, ladki se hoti hai… Even ghost takes a dig at our ‘Mangalik’ rituals

10.37 am: We are in love with these expressions

10.33 am: Another interesting character is here — the little servant. He is as amazing as Beeji. Every character has a personality. Good work with writing

10.28 am:
Whistles and claps as the most amazing ghost enters… Shout out for Anushka Sharma…

10.26 am: Ped Vivah sampan hua

10.24 am: Audience pouring their love on Twitter. Check these out:

10.23 am: Suraj Sharma makes his entry. This Canada returned has an amazing singing skill are amazing, well yes amazzzing.

10.21 am: We got the best character of the film — Beeji is the best character, you are funny and the Best

10.20 am: Now it sets the tone of the film with this dialogue: Do peg andar jate hain, aur ye Honey Singh bann jate hain…

10.16 am: Film looks fresh

10.14 am: Mika, Punjabi beats and everything colourful, Phillauri looks pretty from its first frame

10.13 am: This Punjabi setting is promising a lot of laughter

10.07 am: Here it begins… the Phillauri magic.