Mithun Da is clearly the best action hero Hindi cinema ever produced. Shera's snake moves are gold

If you think Jean-Claude Van Damme’s movies are the best martial art flicks, this story will challenge your beliefs. If you think Bruce Lee was the most intense martial artist on screen, you are in for a shock. Whether you are Bruce Lee or Van Damme, you just can’t mess with Mithun Da. You just can’t.

Watch the fight sequences below. The scenes are from a movie named Shera. The film was released in 1999 and has a cult following. Off-course, Mithun Da was the hero and there was a solid ‘behen’ angle involved.

Mithun Da plays a building contractor Jai Khurana. Jai Khurana’s wife Shivani is a police inspector in the movie. Jyoti is a doting sister but she is as fierce as her brother Jai himself. She single-handedly takes ‘panga‘ with drug mafia Babloo Bakras” brother KD.

Watch: How Jyoti beats the living s**t out of KD in her college.


Obviously, it doesn’t go down well with Bakras, who get Jyoti kidnapped. Things go out of hand when Jyoti is murdered. This gives birth to Jai Khurana’s alter ego — Shera.

Shera learns martial arts. Though it is unclear which form does he learn, it’s certainly not Kung-Fu or Jujitsu though.

Shera becomes invincible. He starts flying around.

Nobody can escape Shera’s flying snake move.

How Shera’s snakes (there are two) bite the villain

Shera can balance a man on his feet and then beat the s**t out of the bad guys. Can Van Damme do it?

Four bad guys in one stroke? Not even Bruce Lee could do it.

Shera’s finishing move is futuristic. He floats in air to launch himself on the bad guy.The stupefied man couldn’t move.

If you want to see the full action, here is the video:

Now that’s the best Van Damme could do.

Clearly, Mithun Da rules. You can thank us later.