Married or not? Deepak Tijori's wife Shivani finally responds to actor's claims

Deepak Tijori's personal life gained momentum in media all of a sudden when reports surfaced he was thrown out of the house

Actor Deepak Tijori’s life made it to the news a few days ago owing to the intriguing elements it had. His life became a topic for headlines when it was revealed that apparently he was not legally wed to his wife of 22 years- Shivani Tijori. There were numerous reports about how murky this tale was. Now, Shivani has broken silence on the entire matter and said Deepak crossed all limits.

Speaking to a leading daily, Shivani said Deepak who was her husband for more than 22 years and father to her daughter, crossed all limits of decency, morality, sensitivity and legal premises. She refused to comment on the matter in great detail because it was under judicial consideration.

Shivani said she had full faith in Indian judiciary and had nothing to hide or fear. A fashion designer by profession, Shivani is currently staying in Delhi.

Deepak Tijori’s personal life gained momentum in media all of a sudden when reports surfaced he was thrown out of the house. It was rumoured that Shivani found out about Deepak’s alleged love affairs. It was reported she wanted maintenance from Deepak for her and the daughter’s expenses.

After this action of hers, Deepak went to his legal counsel where he allegedly learnt Shivani wasn’t his wife. Apparently, Shivani hadn’t divorced her first husband before marrying Deepak, making this bond null. While this intrigued many, Deepak’s sister-in-law had a different take on this. She said it isn’t possible that they were not married all these years. She was reported by a leading daily as:

Deepak very much has his own house so don’t don’t believe everything you read, and yes there is trouble between my sister Shivani and Deepak, but we don’t discuss personal matters like that. But how is it possible that they were not married legally? And even if he was still married to her first husband, why would he keep quiet for so long? They have a 21-year-old daughter together!

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