Lisa Ray Slams Paper For Using Titillating Photo On Article About Sexist Stereotypes

Lisa Ray wasn't amused at the irony, where the newspaper chose to go ahead with a racy picture instead of an author's portrait.

Lisa Ray called out a tabloid supplement of a daily newspaper, for using a titillating picture of her while printing an interview about her memoir, Close To The Bone. Ironically, Ray mentions that the conversation with the interviewer was about women struggling to overcome sexist stereotypes. The former actor slammed the newspaper for choosing this picture over an author’s portrait, which many would assume is the norm.

Ray, who shot to fame by starring in a music video of Afreen Afreen (by the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan), she went on to make her Bollywood debut in a movie called Kasoor. She starred in Gurinder Chadha’s Bollywood/Hollywood opposite Rahul Khanna, and then went on to work with Deepa Mehta in her acclaimed film, Water.

She was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Multiple Myeloma (where the body produces more antibodies than it should) in 2009. She got a stem cell transplant and announced that she was cancer-free in 2010. Ray has been vocal about this rare form of cancer, and tried to do her bit in helping those with a similar case of cancer.

Ray has earlier spoken about being disturbed at being slotted into a ‘sex symbol’ at the age of 16. And how she never made peace with the casual sexism of the mid 90s. She claims to have written about it in her book, and also says that she’s disappointed that a similar attitude still exists in 2019.