KRK reveals his mother wished to poison him once, Twitter comes up with rude responses

Kamaal R Khan aka KRK took to Twitter to reveal that his mother wanted to give him poison for watching movies. Here is how Twitter users reacted

Kamaal Rashid Khan, more popular as KRK, has revealed that his mother wanted to poison him once upon a time. On Mother’s Day, KRK posted a series of tweets in which he mentioned how his love for cinema irked his mother. Buth KRK added that with time things have changed and now his mother is proud of him. The self-proclaimed critic also said that he was the most notorious one among his siblings.

The Ek Villain actor highlighted how things were in his childhood wherein his father only wanted him to do farming. KRK added that by choosing to farm and agreeing to marry a cousin, he would have been the perfect son for his father. However, KRK refused to stay within the set rules and decided to study. The actor revealed he used to bunk classes to watch movies and face the ire of his parents later.

KRK said he didn’t blame his parents for asking him to fo farming and get married early because this is what the norm was in villages. He added that things aren’t quite different these days as children are still forced to work rather than complete their education.

Here are the tweets posted by KRK on Mother’s Day:

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As serious as KRK’s tweets sound serious, Twitter users did not leave this chance to rip him to shreds. Few tweeted that his mother should have actually given him poison while others said KRK was nothing but a disgrace to her. Check out the few reactions on his tweets here:

A look at the responses to KRK’s tweets and it would not be wrong to say that Twitter is definitely a rude place to be. Now, KRK has an impression of talking ill on his Twitter timeline, but this time he brought to light the problems in villages of India. And he was doing the right thing by tweeting about it.

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