Karan Johar's 'probable' geometry paper proves he was obsessed with love triangles since childhood

Karan Johar understands love triangles and unrequited love better than any other filmmaker which is why it is probable that he thought so during childhood

Karan Johar has a penchant for love triangles and his movies are clear proof of that. From Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, the filmmaker has mastered the art of bringing complicated love stories alive on screen. It seems he had developed a love for this since childhood. Filmmaker Atul Kasbekar found a paper, supposedly, from a geometry class in which love triangle was mentioned as one of the types of triangles. Tweeting the image, Atul said he found Karan Johar’s geometry paper.

In the answer sheet, the teacher had written in red ink, who taught you this? Chances are this geometry answer sheet is just another joke and Atul thought of taking a jibe at Karan. We wonder what KJo has to say on this.

What led Atul to think so is no rocket science. Karan Johar has on more than one occasions accepted he believes in love triangles and one-sided love. In his last directorial, Karan Johar tapped on one-sided love to its biggest extent. The crux of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil was the lead actors falling in love with a person who doesn’t feel the same way about them. This led to a lot of heartbreaks, overflow of emotions and Karan Johar gave us few memorable songs.

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Speaking about unrequited love, Karan Johar had once said, “Love has always been something that’s been in and out, turbulent mostly, one-sided a lot, and thematically my next film deals with unrequited love, which I believe is part of everyone’s life story. Friendship has always been solid, and I think when sex doesn’t become part of a dynamic, there is lesser of a burden on the relationship and I think it just lasts longer.”

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Karan Johar truly has redefined unrequited love. Here is the picture Atul Kasbekar tweeted which will make you wish you asked the truth about it from Karan Johar:

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