Karan Johar finally shares photo of his twins Yash and Roohi. This will surely break the internet

Karan Johar posts a picture of Yash and Roohi with their grandmother Hiroo Johar on Instagram after writing an emotional letter addressing the kids

Karan Johar has finally shared a picture of his newborn kids — Yash and Roohi. He took to Instagram to share the image and captioned it as “6 months old today….#roohiandyash #happyrakshabandhan #lovesofmylife.”

The picture has Yash and Roohi dressed up for Rakshabandhan. It also has Karan’s mother Hiroo Johar holding the babies.

The filmmaker has always maintained that his kids, Yash and Roohi will take their own future decisions. Recently, in a new letter written for a magazine, the filmmaker opened up about his kids a bit more. From their life choices to how he is preparing himself for their well being, Karan also seems to have doled out some good parenting tips. In fact, in the letter, he has also mentioned that he has decided to not teach anything to the kids and let them extract their own learnings from experiences. Here’s the letter:

“Dear Roohi and Yash,

I was 44-years-old when you were born to me, and almost immediately you made me as sentimental as a Hallmark greeting card. I spout clichés on how magical the two of you are, how you have filled the vacuum in my life and how you made my house a home, but it’s true.

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You’ve changed my life completely, and I’m not complaining. I worry a lot more than I ever did—I have these strange thoughts about my insurance premium, my will, even the division of my assets. I stay awake some nights wondering who I can appoint your guardian if something happened to me.

A painting of Karan Johar with his kids Yash and Roohi

For now, for me, thoughts of what or who I’d want you to be are a long way off—instead, my survival and longevity have taken on a new importance. It might sound selfish but it’s my immediate instinct, to be there for you as long as I can, no matter what.

Do you want to know the first thing I did when you were born? I started going to the gym and got myself a nutritionist. All the get healthier, so I’m around. I’m aware that the one thing I can give you, that I owe you, is my life.

So when I think of what dreams and aspirations I have for you, my first dream is that I’m there long enough.

Most people underrate the gravity of the decision to bring a child into this world. It’s considered a part of regular life—you get married and procreate. It’s simply the done thing.

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Karan Johar with his babies (Photo: Varinder Chawla)

But in today’s day and age, filled with urban angst and crazy schedules where one is barely able to handle their own life, bringing a new life is a big decision. It felt instinctual, I just knew I was ready—to nurture you in the way that I knew best.

Parenting advice is available in every nook and cranny—from what formula milk to how you should be burped. There were aunts and uncles who would extol the virtues of an ergonomically designed cradle and others who would wax eloquent on the degree of softness that your baby pillow should possess. I listen to everyone’s advice, but as a single father, I’ve had to find my own path, my own way of being your dad. I am learning to rely more on my instincts and I’m learning to accept the fears, apprehensions, and insecurities that come with being a dad.

I’ve already started imagining things like your first day at school, your first words and even your first acknowledgment of me.

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To tell you the truth, every single day I whisper ‘Papa, papa, papa’ into your ears because I’m petrified that your first words will be in Malayalam (all our four nurses are from Kerala)!

Karan Johar with his babies (Photo: Varinder Chawla)

My second dream of what I wish for the two of you is, strangely, a reaction to all those who will ask us: “Will your kids take your legacy forward?” My father never forced me to do what I’m doing. In fact, he did not want me to do what I’m doing. He wanted me to branch out of the industry, so, likewise, I don’t want you to do what is expected just because I have a company and have built a legacy. You don’t have to take my company forward if you are not inclined towards the film business. Instead, I wish that I bring you up to become people who are fiercely independent in your choices, opinions and your individual lives. The legacy, if any, I want to pass on is the independence that I was given.

Earlier this year, I attended a session with Sadhguru, and he said something beautiful that stayed with me. He said he brought up his daughter by imparting to her no knowledge. He didn’t teach her anything—whatever she learned was from the environment around. That’s what I want my children to do. I don’t want you to conform to the knowledge that is available. So, my third hope for you is that you never feel the need to conform to convention. I wouldn’t want you to be religious because you are told to be so, or turn to spirituality because it’s the cool thing to do. I don’t want you to do what people think is right. I want you to grow and acquire your own beliefs. I don’t think there’s a rulebook I can follow to take care of you, but I do believe that if I have my own strong value system, it will be imbibed into our home (and our lives), organically.

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I miss my babies!!!! #roohiandyash

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Lastly, I don’t know how much of your journey I will be around to witness, but it’s important for you to do just one thing—remember. I always remember what my father did and who he was. I live with my mother and I love seeing what she says and what she doesn’t. I want you two to eventually remember it all.


It’s wonderful to see when Bollywood celebs shed their inhibitions and come out with something as heartwarming as this.