Karan Johar admits to nepotism, says non-industry kids he auditioned were not good enough for SOTY 2

Karan Johar accepted to nepotism and even blamed everyone for promoting it. But the question is, was it really the best argument to give?

Karan Johar has been surrounded by the word nepotism since Kangana Ranaut came on his chat show. The debate that triggered after this went on for days and almost everyone had an opinion on this. Slammed by almost every nook and corner, Karan Johar has come out in his own defence. In a column which he penned down for a leading news website, Karan blamed everyone for promoting nepotism.

The acclaimed filmmaker also said that he was currently auditioning for Student Of The Year 2 and he couldn’t find anyone good enough. He said the only fairly good enough people for the role had connections in the industry. Now Karan Johar saying he couldn’t find anyone hints that maybe he is looking at all the wrong places. It is hard to imagine that he couldn’t find talented people outside the film industry.

There were reports that Disha Patani has been roped in for the film but is said to have been replaced by Sara Ali Khan, Saif Ali Khan’s daughter. Clearly going for a star kid in place of an outsider wouldn’t seem a good idea to cine buffs.

Disha Patani and Sara Ali Khan (Courtesy: Twitter)

Disha Patani and Sara Ali Khan (Courtesy: Twitter)

In his bid to argue, Karan Johar lashed out at media houses for writing about star kids as it suited their interests. He argued photogs clicked star kids like Jhanvi Kapoor, Aarav Kumar, Aryan Khan and others and followed them on social media platforms. While Karan may have really thought through while giving these kinds of examples, the truth is it is not a very strong argument.

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Wondering why? Here’s an argument to counter Karan Johar.

Firstly, Karan quite conveniently made the star kids victims of the prying eyes of the media, when it is not entirely true. This new generation of Bollywood is fully aware that their actions would be reported and still they do little to change the privacy settings. Not only the kids, the stars themselves play a part in letting media into the lives of their kids.

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There is no dearth of incidents when Sridevi posed with her daughters Jhanvi and Khushi Kapoor and shared it on social media. Now it would be stupid to assume she didn’t know the photos would find their place in media. Another example is Shahid Kapoor who built quite the suspense before he shared his daughter Misha’s photo. It would also be sheer foolishness to think that Saif Ali Khan didn’t know his son Taimur’s pic from his Whatsapp display picture could become a headline of tabloids.


Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor with son Taimur
(Courtesy: IANS)

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The number of followers these new kids on the block have on social media and the way they use it to create a fan base, cannot be disregarded. It won’t be an exaggeration to say these star kids know well how the industry functions and are using this knowledge to their benefit.

It should also be noted that more or less all the star kids have the same opinion on nepotism. They have accepted that their path to the industry was easy but the road after that was a rocky one. What these B-town celebs including Sonakshi Sinha, Sonam Kapoor, Varun Dhawan etc., ignored in this case was that other spend years getting ‘the first job’ which is kind of served them on the platter. If nothing, they could have a look at their parents and see how long they had to struggle to make it big. Obviously, things have changed now and the competition has become tougher, making the road to success for outsiders rockier.

So maybe Karan Johar was right in accepting his nepotistic traits but putting the blame on media houses was not the best thing to do. Let us accept the fact as it is- star kids love the kind of attention they get, so stop making them victims.

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