Kangana Ranaut Simran controversy: Apurva Asrani is doing this for publicity, says producer Shailesh

Kangana Ranaut has not spoken on the matter yet but the producer of Simran, Shailesh says that writer Apurva Choudhary is doing this for publicity

Kangana Ranaut’s Simran is slated for release on September 15. The teaser of the film which is directed by Hansal Mehta got launched recently along with the film’s poster. However, Kangana’s name as the film’s ‘additional story writer’ on the poster didn’t go down well with writer Apurva Asrani. He wrote a big Facebook post objecting to the actress’ behaviour in front of the media and allegedly exposing Hansal Mehta of giving favour to Kangana.

He wrote that the director had requested him to give a co-writer credit to Kangana since she’s soon going to direct a film and the credit will help her. But, he refused to do so and only agreed to give the ‘additional story writer’ credit to the Queen actress. Now, when the producer of the film, Shailesh was approached to comment on the same, he bluntly said that Apurva ‘seems to be doing this for publicity.’ Talking to Indian Express, he said that if the makers, including him, wanted to do any favour to Kangana, they would have given her more money to do the film. However, what he majorly stressed upon is the fact that the makers are ready to make the entire script of the film public after its release. Here’s his statement:

“I have worked with Apurva on two of his biggest films — Shahid and Aligarh. Apurva has a legal document in his possession signed by all parties — Kangana, Hansal, the producers and himself wherein he agrees to the credits given by us. He seems to be doing this for publicity. If this is about him versus Kangana, I want to clarify that to please an actress; I’d have paid her more. Why be unfair to him? Once the film hits screens, we will release the script online for the world to judge.”

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Apurva Asrani, Kangana Ranaut, Hansal Mehta, Simran controversy

Apurva Asrani, Kangana Ranaut (Courtesy: InUth.com/ Chetan Kamal)

Shailesh also stated that if Apurva had any problem, he could have first discussed personally than putting it out on social media. He said: “I have conveyed this to Apurva. We could have chatted in person before he took the issue to social media.”

On objection of having Kangana’s name featured above Apurva in the poster, the producer called it a ‘printing error’ and said a new rectified poster will be launched soon.

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