Kangana Ranaut Does A U-Turn, Says She Is The 'Most Liberal Person She Knows'

Kangana Ranaut had earlier said that beating people up over stolen cattle was 'normal in her village'.

It doesn’t matter what you have to say to Kangana Ranaut, she won’t budge. A few days after she (once again!) made headlines for a crackling conversation with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev – many pointed out, how Ranaut had spoken like an enabler to the gau raksha phenomenon.

Responding to the allegations, Ranaut spoke to Mid Day and said, “We didn’t normalise lynching at any point. If a certain religion worships cows, you can’t slaughter cows. I am vegan and I can’t see raw meat. I can’t be shamed for my choices. If it’s a sentimental thing, why instigate people?”

Before branding the country’s so-called ‘liberals’ as intolerant fascists, Ranaut did a Donald Trump, “I am the most liberal person I know, but self-proclaimed liberals can’t rattle me by trying to seek attention. Their agenda is to go against the Government, protest against the national anthem, but how are they standing up for the country? Our situation needs to be rectified by a strong set of ideals that can bring us out of the pit.”

During a chat with Jaggi, Ranaut had briefly discussed how she had to change a scene in her forthcoming film Manikarnika – where she saves a cow – to avoid being branded a gau rakshak. And this seemed to irk her to the point that she went ahead to say that beating people up over stolen cattle was ‘normal’ in her village. Jaggi agreed with her and said a majority of the people of outraging over mob lynchings (the reported cases have been on the rise) lived in cities, and had never seen life in rural India.

Ranaut had only a few days before the chat, championed PM Narendra Modi and his work in the last four years saying that there was no one more appropriate to lead the country.