#JustAsking: How Prakash Raj is targetting government and making a point, one tweet at a time

Prakash Raj has been attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the government with his #JustAsking tweets

It’s quite rare when Bollywood actors voice their opinion on matters of political interest. But someone from the film fraternity who is on a roll these days is South Indian actor Prakash Raj. Lately, the National-Award winning actor known for his striking performances in Bollywood movies like Singham and Wanted, has been targeting the BJP-led centre with a series of interesting #JustAsking tweets.

Raj’s displeasure with Narendra Modi and his government became evident last month when he slammed the Prime Minister for keeping mum on the murder of veteran journalist Gauri Lankesh. Launching attacks at the PM, Raj said everyone knows the ideology of people celebrating Lankesh’s cold-blooded murder.

Condemning PM’s silence on Gauri Lankesh’s murder, Raj in October, said,

I am a renowned actor, do you think I will not be able to detect when you are acting. At least show me some respect. I don’t want the awards. Don’t tell me those good days will come.

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Following this statement, trolls targeted Prakash and spewed hatred. But, that clearly didn’t stop the actor from calling a spade a spade. From asking the government what it wants to do with the Taj Mahal (after BJP MLA Sangeet Som said the monument was a blot on Indian culture built by traitors) to questioning if the government wants to have an entrance test for actors after BJP spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao said most actors have low IQ; Prakash Raj has been bravely using his Twitter account to ask questions.

The latest tweet of Prakash which has created a furore is the support he lent to veteran actor Kamal Hassan over his comment that BJP cannot deny the presence of right-wing terror outfits.

Here are a few tweets which show how Prakash is using sarcasm to make a point:

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Prakash Raj’s anger is not limited to tweets. In many of his recent interviews, he voiced his opinion on the state of art in the country and said the attempt to gag artists is troublesome. When asked about the Mersal controversy, Prakash Raj said in an interview:

It is unnecessary. The film has been censored. Let people debate about the right and wrong of it. All of us need not be on the same page on every issue. Let people scrutinise. But to bring in the religion of the actor into it shows that there is an agenda.

In the same conversation, Raj said there is an attempt to induce fear in the country which is why people don’t ask questions. Trolls targeted him for his opinion in the past and are doing it even now. Take these for example:

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But the veteran actor’s cleverly written tweets haven’t stopped. When he was asked about the trolling, he said:

My statements are not political. Everyone has the right to differ, but this is orchestrated trolling. And you cannot threaten me with continuous abuse. I can see the face behind it and I am going to hit back.

Prakash Raj is definitely one of the actors who is exercising his fundamental rights without caring much about the trolls and negativity. Can we have more such celebrities, please?

(Quotes source: Firstpost.com)

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