Jab Harry Met Sejal intercourse row: Pahlaj Nihalani ignores the reporter after losing the bet- Watch Video

In spite of constant questions on Jab Harry Met Sejal intercourse row, Pahlaj Nihalani got to the furthest corner of the elevator, pretending not to hear the reporter

The 1 lakh voter have obliged to the CBFC Chief Pahlaj Nihalani’s demand to clear word ‘intercourse’ from the mini-trail of Jab Harry Met Sejal. On Nihalani’s demand, the voters have cashed in their votes in favour of the word intercourse, giving him the taste of his own medicine. When a leading news channel finally got the votes, they sent a reporter to make Nihalani abide by his statement.

In a video released by the channel, one can see a visibly annoyed Nihalani being awkwardly silent as the reporter breaks the news to him and asks for his response on the matter.

In spite of her constantly asking, “The youth is with us. What do you have to say?”, Nihalani gets to the furthest corner of the elevator, pretending not to hear the reporter.

At the end, ‘helpless’ Nihalani gets off the elevator without giving an answer. The sanskaari rules he has laid for the Indian cinema to follow, he had to reflect on his words, but he apparently did not.

In an open challenge to the people, Nihalani had demanded one lakh votes to clear the promos of Imtiaz Ali’s Jab Harry Met Sejal, which he objected because of the word ‘intercourse’ used in a mini trail.

Here’s how Twitter reacted on this:

Check out the mini-trail here:

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