It’s a shame, Indians need to be told to love National Anthem: says Javed Akhtar

But, when does he not make sense?

Should it be mandatory to play the National Anthem in cinema halls? Does an individual’s choice/opinion on this define his/her patriotism? The debate is definitely still on. Everyone, including our film fraternity, has spoken up and is divided on this. Widely acclaimed screenwriter and lyricist Javed Akhtar recently, in a series of tweets, put across his view on the national anthem debate. Recently, in an interview with a leading daily, Javed saab questioned the hullabaloo around something which should be ‘organic, natural and spontaneous’.

Javed Akhtar said,

The very idea of being told to love our mother or our country is anomalous. The relationship between an individual and his country is as organic, natural and spontaneous as the one we share with our mother.

The renowned lyricist added that they were never told to stand up for the National Anthem earlier, but things have changed drastically now.

Today, some Indians need to be told to love it. It’s a shame. I think children need to be educated on the history of India’s independence movement. A better connectivity with the sacrifices of those national leaders who gave shape to our nation would help the younger generations understand why the National Anthem is so close to our heart.

Courtesy: IANS

Not only Javed Akhtar, many other Bollywood celebs too have shared their opinion on the National Anthem debate. Here’s what they had to say:

Vidya Balan: I don’t think the National Anthem should be played before the films. You are not in school where you start the day with the National Anthem. So I’m personally of the opinion that the National Anthem should not be played. You cannot force patriotism.

Kamal Hassan: Singapore plays it’s national anthem every midnight.Likewise do so on DD. Do not force or test my patriotism at various random places.

Adnan Sami:  Hey, it’s the National Anthem; GET UP…PERIOD! Go argue about something else!

Audience standing up for national anthem in theatre

Arvind Swami: I will always stand up for our Natl Anthem & sing along, which I do with great pride.Never understood why it was mandatory n cinema halls only.

Vivek Agnihotri: If I remember correctly, in the 1970s and even in the 1980s, the national anthem played at the end of the movie and everyone stood without questioning it. Today, we question everything even if it’s not disputable.

Raj Nayak: Before this order, I used to find people willingly standing up for the national anthem and singing happily. Making it mandatory ruined it.

Raghu Ram: I stand up for the national anthem because I give it the love and respect that it is due. Not because some government forces me to.

(Source: DNA)