It's 2018 And Shah Rukh Khan Still Doesn't Know Skin Colour Has Nothing To Do With Beauty

"My daughter is dusky, but she’s the most beautiful girl in the world. And nobody can tell me otherwise,” Shah Rukh Khan was quoted in an interview.

When one of the most influential and popular actors in the country subscribes to patriarchal notions of beauty, it absolutely requires calling out. Shah Rukh Khan, in an interview to Delhi Times, has declared that he thinks his daughter is the most beautiful girl in the world, *even though* she is dusky. Wow. Way to conform to the post-colonial hangover that thinks fairer skin is better than darker skin tones. And THIS while trying to clarify his stance on still endorsing fairness creams (worth several crores per annum), something he has been criticised for.

Khan said he was a ‘lower middle-class guy, with none of these trappings’. What trappings? The ones you endorse? And while signing off on the interview, Khan dropped the bomb by saying: “I’ll be honest; my daughter is sanwli (dusky), but she’s the most beautiful girl in the world. And nobody can tell me otherwise.” Many people reading the interview have since gotten stuck on the ‘but’. Some would call this SRK’s in-built lower middle-class bias, that aspires for fairness as if it were an accomplishment. Khan has even propagated that bias by endorsing fairness creams for more than a decade.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to Shah Rukh Khan’s brain-fart moment:

Do better, SRK. Do better by your daughter and your millions of fans.