Interview: Young composer Arjunna Harjaie's journey from the world of ad jingles to Bollywood

What should aspiring musicians keep in mind to ensure they get noticed in Bollywood? Composer Arjunna Harjaie doles out few tips

Bollywood, over the years, has seen the rise of some of the finest musicians, composers and singers. Arjunaa, who is Bollywood’s latest find, in a candid interview, recalled how it took him 7-8 years to land his first advertising job, how he struggled to meet producers and hand them over his sample CDs and why one no longer needs to physically travel to Mumbai to make it big in Bollywood. Arjunna has composed for brands like Amazon Prime, Maggie, Aquaguard, ISL Series, Make My Trip, Myntra, Flipkart, and Dettol.

While speaking to InUth, about composing, Arjunaa, who has composed songs for Lucknow Central, says it is really important for aspiring musicians to keep composing jingles for advertisements.

Not many pay attention to it but composing for advertisements helps a lot. Cracking the advertising industry is not easy but once you do it, it gives you the right kind of push. As a musician, you need to take care of your studio, you need money to spend on PR and marketing, and advertising helps you in it. It took me 7-8 years to land my first advertisement project when I came, and it also helped me meet the right kind of people.

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Recalling his journey to Mumbai from Delhi, Arjunna said he kept knocking doors of production houses and delivered his sample CDs at their doorsteps. But Arjunna agrees that people struggling these days have a wider range of opportunities.

You know people don’t even need to come to Mumbai these days. You can showcase your talent from anywhere, thanks to social media. You don’t need to be here to put the spotlight on yourself. I would suggest everyone to make use social media and not waste money by coming to Mumbai. Instead, you can use that money you would have spent on rent to promote yourself social media.

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Talking about his struggle, Arjunna said in 2001 shifting base to Mumbai seemed like a stupid idea.

People in Delhi knew me and when I was paid Rs 1000 for my first assignment, I was heartbroken. But, now that I look back, it doesn’t seem that bad an idea after all.

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