Interview: Sumeet Vyas tells why expecting everything from your partner is too much

Sumeet Vyas gave his advice to all the young couples out there who struggle to balance their personal and professional life in metro cities

Sumeet Vyas, the web-series star, is all geared up for his next release Ribbon along with Kalki Koechlin. Helmed by the debutant director Rakhee Sandilya, Ribbon deals with the love and struggles of a couple living in a metro city. The trailer of the film is funny and relatable as well as depicts the tough life of a young married couple. Sumeet, the Permanent Roommates fame spoke to InUth and shared his mind on his upcoming film, why content-driven films work and why he was so choosy about his projects.

Sumeet said about the film, “When I got to know the idea, I could immediately relate to it. It was a very organic process. There were no set dialogues. We were given situations just to act. It’s very relatable.”

While talking about his profession, he further added,

“I enjoy acting. I don’t think any other profession gives you an opportunity to be so many people in a lifetime. So enjoy observing people. I am not much of a talker. I want to play different people and live those peoples’ lives. I have always wanted to play a banker, a pilot, an astronaut or an electrician. These ‘aam aadmi’ like roles have so much quirk in their character. I love such kind of roles.”

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He also shared his mind about audience praising the content-driven films and content being the superstar to make any film work. Sumeet said,

“Content of any film is already becoming a superstar these days. In the last four to five years most of the films that have done well because their content was really good. Films like Pink and Piku are content driven. That’s a clear sign that people are loving such films.”

Sumeet also revealed why he was so choosy about his work. He said,

“Firstly, not many films come my way. Secondly, I am very picky about my time. More than anything else, I will never get my two or three months back. So, if I am investing my time and energy into a project, I really want to make sure I cherish it my entire life.”

Not only this, Sumeet also gave his advice to all the young couples out there who struggle to balance their personal and professional life in metro cities.

“It is completely unreasonable to expect everything from your partner. Earlier, we used to live in joint families. The attention was divided between so many people, but now its just husband and wife living in their flat. So the attention is only on one person and the expectations are also growing. You want your partner to be your lover, parent, friend, and everything. You want your partner to solve all your problems and that’s too much. So it’s unreasonable to expect everything from your partner. You must invest your time in your friends, family and get a little bit from everyone.” He further added, “both men and women struggle a lot on their own level in a relationship. Both should respect each other.”

Sumeet will be next in Veere Di Wedding opposite Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Ribbon has been produced by Prakash Mondal and Swathi Mondal of Red Cart Films and is slated to release on November 3.

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Check out the trailer of Ribbon here:

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